Objective General Knowledge Multiple Questions

Objective GK Multiple Questions

1. The sultans of Bengal issued a rich variety of coins. The coins issued by which of the following sultans are said to carry a "refreshing air of refinement" and are regarded as "veritable gems of the art of coin-striking"?
(A) Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah (B) Shamsuddin Iliyas Shah
(C) Sikander Shah (D) Alauddin Hussain Shah
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2. Iron ore from Kudremukh is most likely to be exported through–
(A) Goa (B) Kochi
(C) Mangalore (D) Ennore
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3. Which among the following hormones is known as the Emergency hormone?
(A) Thyroxine (B) Oxytocin
(C) Vasopressin (D) Adrenalin
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4. Sir Frederick Grant Banting is related to the following hormone of animals–
(A) Insulin (B) Corticol
(C) Thyroxine (D) Testosterone
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5. In Erythroblastosis foetalis which one of these move from mother to embryo through the placenta–
(A) Rh-antigen (B) Rh-antibody
(C) AB-antigens (D) ABO-antigens
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6. If the Governor of a State is appointed administrator of an adjoining Union Territory, he exercises his functions–
(A) on advice of his Council of Ministers (B) independently of his Council of ministers
(C) according to Parliament's directions (D) according to the directions of the State Legislature
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7. The ordinances issued by the Governor are subject to approval by–
(A) Parliament (B) State Legislature
(C) President (D) None of these
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8. Grants-in-aid given to States are meant–
(A) to show favour to backward States
(B) for use in centrally-sponsored schemes
(C) to cover gaps on revenue account so that States can undertake beneficial activities
(D) for funding the State plan
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9. Which one among the following best explains the reason for the Eastern and Western boundaries of the Pacific Ocean experiencing frequent earthquake?
(A) There are deep ocean trenches along these margins
(B) High mountain stretch along the continental margins adjacent to this ocean
(C) The currents of the vast Pacific Ocean continue to dash against the continental margins
(D) These margins coincide with the plate margins
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10. In which one of the following oceans Diamantine Trench situated?
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean (D) Arctic Ocean
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11. Which of the following cannot be called a Debt instrument as referred in financial transactions?
(A) Certificate of Deposits (B) Bonds
(C) Stocks (D) Commercial Papers
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12. A zero rate of inflation obtains necessarily in a year where the annual rate of inflation–
(A) in every week of the year is zero (B) is falling in every week of the year
(C) is both falling and rising in a year (D) is constant in every week of the year
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13. The capital of the British Indian Empire was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi because–
(A) Delhi was located at the centre of the Empire
(B) the climate of Delhi was more suitable for the Europeans
(C) Calcutta was the hotbed of revolutionaries
(D) Delhi was the traditional seat of Imperial powers
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14. Which of the following regarding the ownership of land during the Sultanate period is not true?
(A) The peasant was the proprietor of the soil
(B) The king or his jagirdars had a claim only on a share of its produce
(C) The state enjoyed only usufructuary rights and not proprietary rights
(D) With the coming of the Turks the basic concepts regarding the ownership of land materially changed
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15. Which one of the following theories of communism is not a doctrine of Karl Marx?
(A) Dialectical Materialism (B) Historical Materialism
(C) Class Struggle (D) Theory of New Democracy
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16. The introduction of local self-government in the modern period of India is associated with the administration of–
(A) Lord Ripon (B) Lord Irwin
(C) Lord Dufferin (D) Lord Canning
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17. Who was the Governor General of India during the launch of Civil Disobedience Movement?
(A) Lord Chelmsford (B) Lord Reading
(C) Lord Irwin (D) Lord Wavell
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18. Who among the following was the author of Tarikh-i-Alai, which contains the details of the first few years of Sultan Alauddin Khilji?
(A) Ziauddin Barani (B) Shams Siraj Afif
(C) Amir Khusrau (D) Yahiya bin Ahmad
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19. The mad-cow disease in cattles is caused by–
(A) virus (B) bacteria
(C) protozoa (D) prions
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20. Which one among the following is the effect of the excess amount of CO2 upto 1%?
(A) Retards the growth (B) Accelerates the growth
(C) Kills the plants (D) Remained unaffected
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21. Among the following which one is not an ape–
(A) Gibbon (B) Urangutan
(C) Gorilla (D) Langur
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22. Grants-in-aid are provided every year to such States as are in need of assistance as determined by the–
(A) President (B) Parliament
(C) Finance Commission (D) None of these
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23. Money Bills can be introduced in the State Legislature with the prior consent of the–
(A) President (B) Governor
(C) Speaker (D) Chief Minister
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24. The control of the preparation of electoral rolls for Parliament and Legislature vests with the–
(A) Chief Minister (B) Prime Minister
(C) President (D) Election Commission
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25. Through which one of the following Straits, does a tunnel connect the United Kingdom and France?
(A) Davis Strait (B) Denmark Strait
(C) Strait of Dover (D) Strait of Gibraltar
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