IBPS Banking Questions and Answers - Exam Question Papers

IBPS Banking Questions and Answers
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1. The pH of human blood is normally around–
(A) 1. 5- 6. 5 (B) 5. 5 - 6. 5
(C) 7. 5 - 8. 0 (D) 8. 5 - 9. 0
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2. Which elements of a word document can be displayed in colour?
(A) Only graphics (B) Only text
(C) All elements (D) None of these
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3. As an alternate to the W-CDMA, which among the following countries has deployed its own 3G standard called D-SCDMA (Time-Division Synchronous Codes Division Multiple Access), which of the Government of India planning to follow?
(A) France (B) South Korea
(C) Japan (D) China
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4. Recognition to a political party is accorded by–
(A) the Election Commission
(B) the ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
(C) a committee of whips
(D) the speaker of the Lok Sabha in the case of national parties and the speaker of Legislative Assemblies in the case of regional parties
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5. By which of these Amendments, the President was empowered to specify a time limit for State Legislatures to convey their views on the proposed central laws affecting areas, boundaries etc, of their states?
(A) Fifth (B) Sixth
(C) Seventh (D) Eighth
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6. By which of these amendments, Dadra and Nagar Haveli was incorporated as a Union Territory?
(A) 11th (B) 10th
(C) 12th (D) 13th
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7. Which one of the following deserts is famous for its deposits of nitrates?
(A) Atacama (B) Kalahari
(C) Gobi (D) Sahara
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8. Which country among the following has the highest proportion of its electricity generation by nuclear plants?
(A) USA (B) United Kingdom
(C) France (D) Germany
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9. The per capita income is obtained by–
(A) summing up the income of all the citizens of the country (B) dividing national income by the population
(C) estimating minimum income of individual citizens (D) dividing the total national capital with the profit earned
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10. When is the International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination?
(A) 2nd October (B) 21st March
(C) 23rd March (D) 19th January
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11. The first Factory Act restricting the working hours of women and children, and authorizing local governments to make necessary rules was adopted during whose time?
(A) Lord Lytton (B) Lord Bentinck
(C) Lord Ripon (D) Lord Canning
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12. Who organized Abhinava Bharat, a Secret Society of revolutionaries?
(A) Khudiram Bose (B) Prafulla Chaki
(C) GD Sarvarkar (D) Pulin Bihari Das
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13. 'Goldman Awards' are given for out standing contribution in which of the following fields?
(A) Protection of environment (B) Population control
(C) Conservation of energy (D) All of the above
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14. The Barrah dacoity was the first major venture of the revolutionary terrorists of the freedom movement in–
(A) Mumbai-Karnataka (B) Punjab
(C) East Bengal (D) The Madras Presidency
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15. February 21, 1915 was fixed as the date for an armed revolt by the Ghadarities in–
(A) Bengal (B) Punjab
(C) Bihar (D) Bombay
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16. If a truck has to carry goods from Delhi to Bhopal via Gwalior by National Highways (NH) following the shortest route, which one of the following groups of National Highways it has to go by?
(A) NH-2, NH-11, NH-12 (B) NH-2, NH-3, NH-12
(C) NH-8, NH-3, NH-11 (D) NH-2, NH-25, NH-11
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17. What do we call the part of 'DTH' satellite dish, that converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio' waves to electrical signals?
(A) Ortho-Mode Transducer (OMT) (B) Low-Noise Block converter (LNB)
(C) Block-Up Converter (BUC) (D) Parabolic Disc
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18. MS-word is an example of–
(A) an operating system (B) an application software
(C) a processing device (D) an input device
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19. Which application is commonly used to prepare a presentation or slide show?
(A) Photoshop (B) Power point
(C) Internet explorer (D) Outlook express
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20. By which of these Amendments, the National Commission for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes was bifurcated?
(A) 88th Amendment (B) 89th Amendment
(C) 90th Amendment (D) 92nd Amendment
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21. Ninetieth Amendment concerns which of the following?
(A) Bodoland Territorial Council (B) Taxes on Services
(C) Anti-Defection (D) Official Languages
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22. Under the Right to Information Act, 2005, by how many days an applicant must be provided information under this Act?
(A) 20 days (B) 30 days
(C) 40 days (D) 50 days
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23. Which of the following country is the smallest in area and population both?
(A) Monaco (B) Tuvalu
(C) Vatican city (D) Palau
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24. Which one of the following country has the largest proven resources of oil (Billion Barrels)–
(A) Saudi Arabia (B) Venezuela
(C) Iran (D) Iraq
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25. By which one of the following years does the Eleventh Five Year Plan aim at achieving 10% rural tele-density in India from 1. 9%?
(A) 2009 (B) 2010
(C) 2011 (D) 2012
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