IBPS Banking Questions and Answers - Exam Question Papers

IBPS Banking Questions and Answers
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1. What is Gomia in Jharkhand known for?
(A) Coalfields (B) Manganese mining
(C) Fertilizer plant (D) Explosive factory
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2. Which scripture was called his "Mother" by Gandhiji?
(A) Ramayana (B) The New Testament
(C) Bhagwat Gita (D) The Holy Quran
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3. Which one of the following is used to slow down the speed of the neutrons in the nuclear reactor?
(A) Controlling rod (B) Moderator
(B) Coolant (D) Accelerator
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4. Which one of the following is used as a neutron moderator in "Light Water Reactor (LWR)"?
(A) Graphite (B) Boron
(C) Water (D) Liquid Sodium
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5. As a result of prorogation which of the following is not affected?
(A) Resolutions (B) Bills
(C) Motions' (D) Notices
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6. A class of animals known as Marsupials a characteristic feature of–
(A) Africa (B) Australia
(C) South America (D) South-East Asia
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7. The world's highest ground based telescopic observatory is located in–
(A) Colombia (B) India
(C) Nepal (D) Switzerland
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8. High fiscal deficit is cause for concern for any economy. What does it denote?
(A) It is a measure of the borrowings of an economy
(B) It is a total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowings
(C) It reflects the decrease in tax collections for the year
(D) It means the lack of liquidity and earnings for the economy
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9. Which of the following taxes is collected by Panchayat?
(A) Sales tax (B) Custom duty
(C) Land revenue (D) Tax on local fairs
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10. Royal Asiatic Society was founded by–
(A) Sir William Jones (B) Sir John Marshall
(C) RD Banerjee (D) Sir William Bentinck
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11. The moderate leaders left the Congress after lucknow session of the Congress and founded a new party called the–
(A) Indian Liberal Federation or Liberal Party (B) National Party
(C) Congress Socialist Party (D) Unionist Party
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12. Who among the following well-known sportsmen is not a footballer?
(A) Luis Figo (B) Javier Portillo
(C) Roberto Carlos (D) Andy Roddick
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13. The famous woman athlete Marian Jones is from which of the following countries?
(A) Canada (B) USA
(C) Argentina (D) Brazil
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14. POPs are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological and photolytic processes. POP stands for–
(A) Preexisting Organisms' Pool (B) Persistent Organic Pollution
(C) Persistent Organism Pollutant (D) Persistent Organic Pollutant
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15. What is the process that tends to build up the land surface by deposition of solid material in its lower areas, known as ?
(A) Abrasion (B) Agglomeration
(C) Aggradation (D) Attrition
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16. The measure of a worker's real wage is–
(A) the change in his productivity over a given time (B) his earnings after deduction at source
(C) his daily earnings (D) the purchasing power of his earnings
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17. Which one of the following States in India has the highest percentage of tank irrigation?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Paschim Banga
(C) Kerala (D) Karnataka
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18. In India, which are of the following crops is the largest consumer of irrigation waters?
(A) Rice (B) Wheat
(C) Pulses (D) Sugarcane
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19. Which one of the following is the correct order in which the following cities are located from West to East?
(A) Alwar-Gorakhpur-Ranchi-Bhagalpur (B) Bhagalpur-Ranchi-Alwar-Gorakhpur
(C) Ranchi-Alwar-Bhagalpur-Gorakhpur (D) Gorakhpur-Bhagalpur-Ranchi-Alwar
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20. Which of the following vitamins are to be with our daily diet?
(A) A, B complex, C and E (B) A, D, E and K
(C) B complex and C (D) B complex, C and E
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21. Chemically silk fibres are predominantly–
(A) carbohydrate (B) protein
(C) complex lipid (D) fatty acids
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22. Whose function is it to see that no money is spent out of the Consolidated Fund of a State without the authority of the legislature?
(A) Public Accounts Committee (B) Comptroller and Auditor General of India
(C) Finance Commission (D) None of the above
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23. Which one of the following is a land-locked country?
(A) Cambodia (B) Laos
(C) Thailand (D) Vietnam
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24. Israel has common borders with–
(A) Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt (B) Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Jordan
(C) Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt (D) Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Yemen
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25. The Goods and Services tax (GST) proposed to be introduced, covers taxes like–
(A) Trade/Sale Tax (B) Service Tax
(C) Service, Excise (D) Excise. Service, VAT
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