General Knowledge Quiz for Competitive Exams

1. Which of these Articles provides for the discharge of the functions of the Governor in certain contingencies?
(A) Article 160 (B) Article 163
(C) Article 165 (D) Article 166
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2. If a Panchayat is dissolved, elections are to be held within–
(A) 1 month (B) 3 months
(C) 6 months (D) 1 year
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3. Which of the following must always balance in the foreign trade of the country?
(A) Balance of Trade (B) Balance of Payment
(C) Balance of Current Account (D) None of the above
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4. Deindustrialization means–
(A) uprooting of people from agriculture and planting them in industries
(B) movement of workforce from the industrial sector to the service sector
(C) a deliberate effort to compel the existing industries to shut down
(D) a deliberate effort to promote the new industries
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5. Which one of the following agricultural practices is eco-friendly?
(A) Organic farming (B) Shifting cultivation
(C) Cultivation of high yielding varieties (D) Growing plants in glass houses
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6. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(A) The first Meeting of the Parties (MOP) to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety was held in Phillippines in the year 2004.
(B) India is not a signatory to the Biosafety protocol/convention on Biological Diversity.
(C) The Biosafety protocol deals with genetically modified organisms
(D) The United State of America is member of the Biosafety protocol/convention on Biological Diversity.
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7. Through whose initiative Dhaka Anushilan Samiti October 1906?
(A) Barindra Kumar Ghosh (B) Memchandra Qanungo
(C) Pulin Behari Das (D) Aurobindo Ghosh
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8. From which one of the following regions the earliest evidence of the rice cultivation has come?
(A) Belan Valley (B) Central Ganga Valley
(C) Gomal Valley (D) Bolan Valley
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9. Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?
(A) Brunei Darussalam (B) Cambodia
(C) Vietnam (D) India
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10. "Sohan Culture" is another name of–
(A) Paleolithic Culture (B) Mesolithic Culture
(C) Neolithic Culture (D) Chalcolithic Culture
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11. Which one of the following sites is the largest Mesolithic site in India?
(A) Bagor (B) Tilwara
(C) Valasana (D) Akhaj
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12. Which one of the following statements is not correct regarding the Himalayas?
(A) Himalayas have nappe and recumbent folds
(B) Himalayas rose up from the Tethys Sea
(C) Himalayas contain three mountain ranges-Shiwaliks, Great Himalayas and Kunlun Ranges
(D) The orogeny took place in the Tertiary Era
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13. Which one among the following hormones or analogues is used to prevent premature fall of fruits in agricultural practices?
(A) Ethylene (B) Auxin
(C) ABA (D) Cytokinin
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14. In agricultural practices, farmers use which of the following to delay fruit ripening?
(C) BHC (D) 2,4-D
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15. Which one among the following microorganisms cause the "witches broom"?
(A) Bacteria (B) Fungus
(C) Virus (D) Nematodes
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16. In India, the first Municipal Corporation was set up in which one among the following?
(A) Kolkata (B) Chennai
(C) Mumbai (D) Delhi
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17. A college student desires to get elected to the Municipal Council of his city. The validity of his nomination would depend on the important condition among others, that–
(A) he obtains permission from the Principal of his college
(B) he is a member of a political party
(C) his name figures in the voter's list
(D) he files a declaration owing allegiance of the Constitution of India
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18. In the Panchayati Raj Bill enacted in 1993, there were several fresh provisions deviating from the past. Which one of the following is not such provision?
(A) A number of added responsibilities in the area of agriculture, rural development, primary education and social forestry among others
(B) Elections being made mandatory for all posts at the time they are due
(C) A statutory representation for women in the panchayats, upto a third of the strength
(D) Regular remuneration to the panchayat members, so as to ensure their punctuality and accountability
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19. Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela plants were set up during which plan?
(A) 2nd (B) 3rd
(C) 1st (D) 4th
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20. The first regional rural bank was established on–
(A) 26th January, 1947 (B) 2nd October, 1975
(C) 15th August, 1975 (D) 14th November, 1972
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21. Which one of the following processes of weathering belongs to both mechanical and chemical weathering?
(A) Crystallization (B) Exfoliation
(C) Hydration (D) Carbonation
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22. Who among the following was the first European to encounter the cocoa plant, from which chocolate is made?
(A) Christopher Columbus (B) John Cabot
(C) Hernando Cortez (D) De Leon
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23. Which one of the following Mesolithic sites provides evidence of a battle?
(A) Bagor (B) Sarai Nahar Rai
(C) Langhanaj (D) Mahadaha
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24. Which one of the following Mesolithic sites has the distinction of being the first site to be discovered in the arid zone?
(A) Langhanaj (B) Bagor
(C) Sidhpur (D) Barasimla
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25. In which one of the following places are the headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway located?
(A) Guwahati (B) Gorakhpur
(C) Kolkata (D) Bhubaneshwar
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