General Knowledge Questions for Government Exams 2016

General Knowledge Questions
(Useful for CSAT, State CSAT/PCS/PSC, SSC, RRB, NDA, CDS, B.Ed., LIC, GIC, Police, Force, Teacher Exams etc.)

1. A person overflying India saw the natural vegetation below in the sequential order of tropical evergreen forest, Savana, dry deciducous and deciducous. His flight was from–
(A) Kolkata to Delhi (B) Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar
(C) Trivandrum to Delhi (D) Delhi to Mumbai
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2. From the map of question six, the forest founds in the shaded area of "B" is–
(A) Mangrove forest (B) Tropical forest
(C) Mountain forest (D) Both 'a' and 'b'
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3. Who among the following wrote the poem, Subh-e-Azadi?
(A) Sahir Ludhiyanvi (B) Faiz Ahmed Faiz
(C) Muhammad Iqbal (D) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
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4. The industries in early ancient India were concentrated in the areas where–
(A) raw materials and markets were available (B) the craftsmen were concentrated
(C) the foreign merchants could easily arrive (D) the state pursued the policy of free trade
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5. According to Patanjali Mathura was specially famous for its textile industries. Which of the following varieties of textile was the speciality of Mathura?
(A) Dukula (B) Sataka
(C) Kshauma (D) Chinasunka
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6. Where is the National Institute of Ocean Technology located?
(A) Chennai (B) Mangalore
(C) Thiruvananthapuram (D) Vishakhapatnam
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7. Who of the following published a famous pamphlet known as 'Right of Man' and urged the people in England, America and France to fight for their liberty?
(A) Thomas Jefferson (B) Thomas Paine
(C) John Locke (D) Jean Jacques Rousseau
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8. The famous artist Uma Sharma is an exponent of which one of the following forms of dance?
(A) Bharatanatyam (B) Kathak
(C) Kuchipudi (D) Manipuri
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9. When Lord Mountbatten became the first Governor-General of India, who among the following became the Governor- General for Pakistan?
(A) Lord Mountbatten (B) MA Jinnah
(C) Liaquat Ali Khan (D) Shaukat Ali
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10. Logically, what does a continually rising air pressure indicate?
(A) Advent of unsettled and cloudy weather (B) Advent of a cyclone
(C) Fine and settled weather (D) Fine and unsettled weather
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11. About which of the following South Indian cities are there descriptions in early Tamil literature to the effect that, the Yavana ships used to arrive with their cargoes and that the Yavana section of the city overflowed with prosperity?
(A) Arikamedu (B) Kaveripattanam
(C) Mamallapuram (D) M.uziris
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12. Which one of the following is the malicious program that allows the concealment of that programme by modifying the host' s operating system so that the malware is hidden from the user?
(A) Rootkits (B) Spyware
(C) Stealware (D) Botnets
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13. How is Harold Pinter well known as?
(A) Film director in Hollywood (B) Nobel Laureate in literature
(C) Leading industrialist in telecommunication industry (D) Nuclear scientist of the United Kingdom
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14. Wild goat and Snow Leopards are found in–
(A) Gir forests (B) Pirpenjhal Range
(C) Peninsular Region (D) Eastern Ghats
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15. The sum total of incomes received for the services of labour, land or capital in a country is called–
(A) gross domestic product (B) national income
(C) gross domestic income (D) gross national income
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16. In which one of the following states is cotton cultivation based mainly on irrigation?
(A) Maharashtra (B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Rajasthan (D) Haryana
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17. The lower gangetic plain is characterized by humid climate with high temperature throughout the year. Which one among the following pairs of crops is most suitable for this region?
(A) Paddy and Cotton (B) Wheat and Jute
(C) Paddy and Jute (D) Wheat and Cotton
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18. The earliest and most interesting example of Islamic architecture in India was the Quwwatul-Islam mosque. What was the original construction at the site of this mosque?
(A) A Jain temple (B) A tenth century Chauhan temple dedicated to Vishnu
(C) A Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva (D) None of the above
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19. Which of the following was not one of the distinguishing features of Indo-Islamic architecture?
(A) Flat roof
(B) Topping of the arch with lintel
(C) Corbelling of the towers of the temples
(D) Decorative motifs like swastika, crocodile heads, flying apsaras etc
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20. Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru (B) Gulzarilal Nanda
(C) Lal Bahadur Shastri (D) John Mathai
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