General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams 2016

1. The battle of Dharmat was fought between–
(A) Muhammad Ghori and Jai Chand (B) Babar and the Afghans
(C) Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh (D) Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Marathas
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2. Which of the following statements is are correct?
(A) Babar wrote his autobiogaphy Babar- namah or Thzuk-i-Babari in the Turkish language
(B) Abul Fazl, the celebrated author of Akbarnama was murdered by Bir Singh Deva Bundela
(C) Mughal historian Badauni prepared a list of charges against Akbar and called him the enemy of Islam
(D) All of the above
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3. Which one of the following is Nuclear-Capable Submarine that launched ballistic missile?
(A) Sagarika (B) Shourya
(C) Prithvi (D) Nag
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4. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(A) Kashmir was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Humayun
(B) Gujarat was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Akbar
(C) Malwa was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Jahangir
(D) Khandesh was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Shahjahan
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5. Akbar's marriage with the princess of Amber was unique because–
(A) the princess of Amber was not converted to Islam
(B) it was the first marriage of a Rajput princess with a Mughal ruler
(C) this was a voluntary alliance, different from the forced marriages of the Muslim rulers with the Rajput Princesses
(D) this marriage proved to be a cornerstone of the Mughal Rajput alliance
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6. Which one of the following districts is well known for the cultivation of coffee?
(A) Balasore (B) Chikmangalur
(C) Guntur (D) Khurda
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7. The rape seed oil is extracted from–
(A) Azadirachta indica (B) Ustilago
(C) Brassica campestris (D) Sesamum indicum
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8. Which one among the following is the "chemical knives (scissors)" used in genetic engineering?
(A) Polymerase (B) Ligases
(C) Endonucleases (D) Plasmid
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9. Which one among the following lasers is used in cancer treatment?
(A) He-Ne laser (B) Ruby laser
(C) CO2 laser (D) Semiconductor laser
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10. The need for constitutional sanction to Village Panchayats was first felt by the–
(A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee (B) Ashok Mehta Committee
(C) G V K Rao Committee (D) L M Singhvi Committee
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11. The Central Council of Local Self Government was set up under–
(A) the provisions of the Constitution of India (B) the order of the President of India
(C) an enactment of Parliament (D) the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
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12. Which one of the following is true?
(A) Portfolio system was introduced by the Act of 1892
(B) The Act of 1861 introduced elective system
(C) Separate electorate began with the Act of 1909
(D) The Act of 1919 introduced full provincial autonomy
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13. Planning in India derives its objectives and social premises from which of the following?
(A) Public Policy (B) Directive Principles of State Policy
(C) Fundamental Rights (D) Fundamental Duties
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14. Which one among the following statements about globalization is not correct?
(A) Advocates of globalization argue that it will result in greater economic growth
(B) Critics of globalization argue that it will result in greater economic disparity
(C) Advocates of globalization argue that it will result in culture homogenizetion
(D) Critics of globalization argue that it will result in cultural homogenization
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15. Xerophytes thrive in–
(A) hot and arid condition (B) cool and wet condition
(C) hot and wet condition (D) cool and arid condition
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16. Biodiversity is highest in–
(A) Tundra zone (B) Prairie zone
(C) Torrid zone (D) Tropic zone
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17. The motive behind Shahjahan's Balkh campaign was to–
(A) secure a friendly ruler in Balkh and Badakhan which bordered Kabul
(B) conquer Samarqand and Farghana, the Mughal homelands
(C) fix the Mughal frontier on the 'scientific line', the Amu Daria
(D) expand the Mughal Empire beyond the sub-continent
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18. Which of the following statements about industrial revolution in Europe is not correct?
(A) Britain was the first country to experience the industrial revolution
(B) England was fortunate as coal and iron resources were plentifully available, as were other minerals-lead, copper and tin - that were used in industry
(C) From the 1780, the iron industry symbolized the British industrial revolution
(D) In England, the movement, of goods between markets was helped by a good network of rivers and an indented coastline
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19. NASA's Deep Impact Space Mission was employed to take detailed picture of which comet nucleus?
(A) Halley's Comet (B) Hale-Bopp
(C) Hyakutake (D) Tempel-1
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20. The British industrial policy in India has been rightly called as the policy of–
(A) Stagnated Growth (B) De-industrialisation
(C) Colonisation of Economy (D) Monopolised Europeanisation
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21. Prior to 1813, which among the following measures, was not adopted by the British to exploit the Indians economically?
(A) Monopolizing the trade of raw goods wherever possible and selling them at high rates
(B) Forcing Indian craftsman to produce quality products in fixed quantity and at fixed price
(C) Free trade policy
(D) Elimination of Indian traders from competition by every means
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22. For the reclamation of the saline soil which of the following steps are not desirbale?
(A) Application of green manure (B) Use of the salt resistant crops
(C) Removal of lime and sulphur from soil (D) Addition of gypsum
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23. Why is it difficult to transmit audio signals directly?
(A) A very high antenna is needed for their propagation (B) Audio signals have a very high frequency
(C) Audio signals can't propagate alone (D) Audio signals can't propagate through air
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24. Which one of the following statements about uranium is correct?
(A) Uranium (U-235) is fissionable by thermal neutrons.
(B) Fast neutrons trigger the fission process in U-235.
(C) U-238 breaks up into fragments, when bombarded by slow neutrons.
(D) U-235 is an unstable isotope and undergoes spontaneous fission.
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25. Modern movie songs released are the best in quality of sound. The rich quality of sound is due to which one of the following?
(A) A note of high frequency (B) A note of high amplitude
(C) Consists many harmonics (D) Consists the fundamental frequency
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