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General Awareness Quiz 20

1. Which one among the following is the rarest type of WBC in the human blood?
(A) Basophil (B) Neutrophil
(C) Eosinophil (D) Monocyte
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2. Who coined the term nucleolus?
(A) Fontana (B) Robert Brown
(C) Camillo Golgi (D) Strasburger
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3. The President can directly disallow a State Legislation–
(A) in case of any bill (B) in case of money bills
(C) in case of bills reserved by the Governor for President's assent (D) Both 'b' and 'c'
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4. Who among the following is a legal advisor of the State Government as provided by the Constitution?
(A) Public Prosecutor (B) Solicitor General
(C) Advocate General (D) Attorney General
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5. The question of disqualification of a member of the State Legislature shall be decided by–
(A) the Governor in consultation with the President (B) the Governor in consultation with the Election Commission
(C) State Legislative Council (D) State Legislative Assembly
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6. Which one of the following cities has Mediterranean type of climate?
(A) Bengazi (B) Liverpool
(C) Eden (D) East London
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7. Which one of the following layers of the atmosphere is responsible for the deflection of radio waves?
(A) Troposphere (B) Stratosphere
(C) Mesosphere (D) Ionosphere
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8. Which Plan was a failure due to Indo-China war followed by Indo-Pakistan?
(A) Fourth Five Year Plan (B) Seventh Five Year Plan
(C) Third Five Year Plan (D) Rolling Plan
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9. What was the period of Plan Holiday?
(A) 1966-69 (B) 1951-56
(C) 1956-61 (D) 1961-66
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10. The head of a district (Ahara), the principal coordinator of the revenue and the officer in charge of general and military functions in his jurisdiction during Mauryan Empire was known as–
(A) Krori (B) Rajuka
(C) Foujdar (D) Chirastadar
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11. Which one of the following ancient Indian records is the earliest royal order to preserve food-grains to be utilised during the crisis in the country?
(A) Sohagaura Copper-Plate (B) Rummindei pillar-Edict of Ashoka
(C) Prayaga-Prasasti (D) Mehrauli Pillar inscription of Chandra
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12. Who is the first lady to undergo trial for involvement in terrorist activities in Saudi Arabia, popularly known as “Lady Al-Qaida”?
(A) Haila Al-Qaseer (B) Haseena Rizwi
(C) Meena Gul (D) Fatima Batool
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13. Doldrums is a–
(A) tropical wind belt (B) tropical wind deflection belt
(C) sub-tropical wind belt (D) tropical no-wind belt
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14. The name Dharmasoka was found in the–
(A) Maski Edict (B) Junagarh Inscription
(C) Sarnath Inscription (D) Alahabad Pillar Inscription
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15. To Port Blair, one of the following cities is geographically nearest?
(A) Kolkata (B) Kuala Lumpur
(C) Singapore (D) Yangon
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16. The placoid scales are found only in–
(A) osteichthyes (B) elasmobranchii
(C) bony fishes (D) lung fishes
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17. Potatoes are borne on–
(A) primary roots (B) stem branches
(C) lateral roots (D) adventitious roots
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18. Which one among the following is true about the "Bombay phenotype"?
(A) A skin colouration common in Mumbai (B) A type of blood group
(C) A disease prevalent in the slum areas of Mumbai (D) None of the above
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19. Which of the following is correct regarding the Governor of a State?
(A) No money Bill can be introduced in the State Legislature without his prior permission
(B) He has the power of issuing ordinances when the legislature is not in session
(C) He can recommend to the President to impose President's rule in the State
(D) All of the above
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20. Who is regarded as the "Father of All-India Services"?
(A) Lord Macaulay (B) Lord Cornwallis
(C) B R Ambedker (D) Sardar Patel
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21. The Chairman and members of the UPSC hold office for a term of–
(A) Three Years (B) Four Years
(C) Five Years (D) Six Years
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22. Daily weather map showing isobars is an example of–
(A) Choropleth map (B) Isopleth map
(C) Chorochromatic map (D) Choroschematic map
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23. The correct sequence of different layers of the atmosphere from the surface of the Earth upwards is–
(A) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere
(B) Stratosphere, Troposphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere
(C) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere
(D) Stratosphere, Troposphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere
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24. For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the Government depends on–
(A) taxation and public borrowing (B) taxation, public borrowing and deficit financing
(C) Only taxation (D) public borrowing and deficit financing
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25. 'Garibi Hatao' (removal of poverty) and 'Growth with Justice' were the main objectives of–
(A) Plan Holiday (B) Fourth Five Year Plan
(C) Rolling Plan (D) Fifth Five Year Plan
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