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1. The offence for which Tilak and others were imprisoned in 1897 was–
(A) carrying arms in violation of the provisions of the Arms Act
(B) their refusal to appear before the court presided over by a British Judge
(C) breaking the Salt Tax Law
(D) spreading disaffection against the government through their speeches and writings
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2. ‘The Musalman’, the handwritten daily newspaper in circulation since 1927, is published from which one of the following places?
(A) Chennai (B) Hyderabad
(C) Mysore (D) Lucknow
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3. The greatest concentration of China's coal deposits are in–
(A) Hopei (B) Shantung
(C) Shansi and Shensi (D) Szechwan
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4. Which one of the following countries does not border Lithuania?
(A) Poland (C) Belarus
(B) Ukraine (D) North Sea
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5. Who among the following is not a member of the NDC?
(A) All Ministers of Union Cabinet (B) Chief Ministers of the States
(C) Governors of the States (D) Administrators of Union Territories
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6. Government has issued an ordinance announcing ULIP as 'Insurance Product'. Who is now the regulator of ULIPs?
(C) Both 'a' and 'b' (D) Government of India
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7. The Transhumance is still an important component of the socio-economic life of the people in regions at–
(A) Andaman and Nicobar Islands (B) Meghalaya
(C) Jammu and Kashmir (D) Himachal Pradesh
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8. In the process of industrial development of India, the investment per enterprise in the public sector was the highest during the–
(A) 1st Five Year Plan (B) 3rd Five Year Plan
(C) 5th Five Year Plan (D) 7th Five Year Plan
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9. Wheat, Rice and other cereals which form the stable food of mankind belong to the family?
(A) Palmae (B) Asteraceae
(C) Poaceae (D) Scitamineae
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10. Which one of the following observations is not true about the Quit India Movement of 1942?
(A) It was a non-violent movement (B) It was led by Mahatma Gandhi
(C) It was a spontaneous movement (D) It did not attract the labour class in general
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11. Who of the following was not a member of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?
(A) N Gopalswami Aiyyangar (B) Alladi Krishnaswami Aiyyar
(C) KM Munshi (D) SN Mukherjee
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12. Where is the College of Defence Management located?
(A) Dehradun (B) Wellington
(C) Pune (D) Hyderabad
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13. Umayalapuram K Shivaraman is well-known as an exponent of–
(A) Flute (B) Mridangam
(C) Shehnai (D) Violin
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14. Who among the following was elected as the President of All India Khilafat Conference met at Delhi in 1919?
(A) Matilal Nehru (B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) MA Jinnah (D) Shaukat Ali
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15. Which one of the following is not one of the Commissions and Committees set up to advise on the question of creation of linguistic States?
(A) The Dhar Committee (B) The JVP Committee
(C) The States Reorganisation Commission (D) Justice Wanchoo Commission
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16. Who among the following was the founder of the Muslim League?
(A) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (B) Shaukat Ali
(C) Nawab Salimullah (D) Aga Khan
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17. Who wrote the book- 'The Story of the Integration of the Indian, States?
(A) BN Rao (B) C Rajagopalachari
(C) Krishna Menon (D) VP Menon
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18. Two identical piano wires have same fundamental frequency when kept under the same tension. What will happen if tension of one of the wires id slightly increased and both the wires are made to vibrate simultaneously?
(A) Noise (B) Beats
(C) Resonance (D) Non-linear effects
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19. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the given towns of Pakistan while moving from the North towards the South?
(A) Islamabad-Gujranwala-Peshawar -Multan (B) Peshawar-Gujranwala-Multan- Islamabad
(C) Peshawar-Islamabad-Gujranwala- Multan (D) Islamabad-Multan-Peshawar- Gujranwala
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20. Which one of the following public sector undertakings is not included in the nine units "Navratnas" recognized by GDI?
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21. Two principal departmentally run commercial undertakings of the Indian Government are–
(A) Airports and Ports (B) Railway and Airports
(C) Railway and Ports (D) Airports and Docks
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22. The approximate age of the Aravalli's range is–
(A) 370 million years (B) 470 million years
(C) 570 million years (D) 670 million years
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23. Which one of the following is not a lagoon?
(A) Ashtamudi lake (B) Chilka lake
(C) Periyar lake (D) Pulicat lake
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24. Harsha's inscriptions mention the administrative divisions in the descending order. Which of the following is the correct order?
(A) Vishya–Bhukti–Pathaka–Grama (B) Bhukti–Vishaya–Pathaka–Grama
(C) Pathaka–Bhukti–Vishaya–Grama (D) Vishaya–Pathaka–Bhukti–Grama
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25. Who gave the title of Rani to the Naga woman leader Gaidinliu?
(A) Subhash Bose (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Thakkar Bapa (D) Mahatma Gandhi
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