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1. Which one of the following port cities in Venezuela has been developed as an oil port?
(A) Caracas (B) Maracaibo
(C) Maracay (D) Carupano
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2. The food for work programme was subsumed in–
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3. Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana aims at–
(A) strengthening the Panchayati Raj System in rural areas
(B) alleviating poverty through micro-enterprises
(C) meeting rural needs like drinking water, housing, rural roads, health care and primary education
(D) generating employment in the rural areas
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4. Golf player Thomas Bjorn has won the European Masters 2011. Bjorn is from–
(A) Denmark (B) Spain
(C) Austria (D) Germany
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5. The sultanates of the Deccan combined in 1565 to inflict a crushing defeat on the ruler of Vijayanagar. The king of Vijayanagar at the time of this so-called battle of Talikota was–
(A) Rama Raya (B) Tirumala
(C) Venkata I (D) Sadashiva Raya
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6. Which of the following statements about Hyder Ali is incorrect?
(A) He won the first Anglo-Mysore war
(B) He was defeated at Porto Novo in 1781 by Lord Warren Hastings
(C) He was a man of great determination
(D) He made a coalition with Nizam and Marathas against the English in the Second Anglo Mysore war
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7. In which game does Suman Bala represent India?
(A) Chess (B) Women's Hockey
(C) Shotput (D) Women's Cricket
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8. Which country hosts the Azlan Shah Cup Hockey Tournament?
(A) Malaysia (B) Indonesia
(C) Pakistan (D) UAE
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9. In which city is the Flushing Meadow, Corona Park-the venue of US Open Tennis Tournament located?
(A) Chicago (B) New York
(C) Washington DC (D) Los Angeles
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10. In 1757, Siraj-ud-daula was defeated by–
(A) Canning (B) Hastings
(C) Clive (D) Cornwallis
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11. Which Indian king requested Napoleon for help to drive the British from India?
(A) Rani of Jhansi (B) Jai Singh
(C) Shivaji (D) Tipu Sultan
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12. Who succeeded Siraj-ud-daulah a Nawab of Bengal after the Battle of Plassey?
(A) Aliwardi Khan (B) Mir Jafar
(C) Mir Qasim (D) Shuja-ud-daulah
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13. The country that shares longest border with India is–
(A) China (B) Bangladesh
(C) Nepal (D) Pakistan
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14. Which one of the following mountain ranges is spread over only one State in India?
(A) Aravalli (B) Satpura
(C) Ajanta (D) Sahyadri
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15. Which one of the following factors is responsible for the change in the regular direction of the ocean currents in the Indian Ocean?
(A) Indian Ocean is half an ocean (B) Indian Ocean has monsoon drift
(C) Indian Ocean is a land-locked ocean (D) Indian Ocean has greater variation in salinity
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16. From which part of plant the "Asafoetida or Hing" is obtained?
(A) Dried seeds (B) Dried fruits
(C) Root exude (D) Stem exude
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17. Plants die when over fertilized because the fertilizer–
(A) damage the wall of delicate root hairs (B) blocks absorption of nitrogenous ions
(C) causes dehydration of plant by exosmosis (D) increases the soil acidity
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18. Which among the following Article deals with the suspension of provisions of Article 19 during emergencies?
(A) 352 (B) 355
(C) 358 (D) 359
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19. Which one of the following is known as the "Coffee Port" of the world?
(A) Sao Paulo (B) Santos
(C) Rio de Janeiro (D) Buenos Aires
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20. The largest oil-field of Iraq is–
(A) Al-Faw (B) Haft Sulaiman
(C) Kirkuk (D) Khor-al-Amaya
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21. Generally unemployment in a developing country takes place because of–
(A) lack of complementary factors of production (B) seasonal factors
(C) lack of effective demand (D) switch over from one job to another
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22. The 'gilt-edged' market deals in–
(A) worn and torn currency notes (B) bullion
(C) government securities (D) corporate bonds
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23. In Bengal, the headquarters of East India Company were located at–
(A) Fort St David (B) Fort William
(C) Fort St George (D) None of these
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24. Which of the following was not one of the reforms on which the Congress laid special emphasis during its first phase?
(A) Development of self government (B) Creation of separate electorate for the minorities
(C) Abolition of the Indian Council (D) Spread of education
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25. The first Indian leader to undergo imprisonment in 1882 was–
(A) B G Tilak (B) C Vijaraghavachari
(C) Ashwani Kumar Datta (D) Bipin Chandra Pal
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