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1. Ganga is navigable between–
(A) Haridwar and Kanpur (B) Allahabad and Varanasi
(C) Patna and Kolkata (D) Allahabad and Haldia
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2. Unlike other parts of the Indian Coast, fishing industry has not developed along the Saurashtra Coast because –
(A) there are few indentations suitable for fishing
(B) of overwhelming dependence of agriculture and animal husbandry
(C) the sea water is relatively more saline
(D) of industrial development leading to wide spread pollution of coastal area
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3. Eating of raw fish can cause deficiency of–
(A) vitamin B1 (B) vitamin D
(C) vitamin K (D) vitamin B6
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4. Which of the following causes leads to mumps in human beings?
(A) Sublingual salivary gland infection (B) Parotid salivary gland infection
(C) Maxillary salivary gland infection (D) All of the above
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5. Which of the following Articles was inserted by an Amendment of the Constitution of India to give full statehood to Mizoram?
(A) Article 371C (B) Article 371D
(C) Article 371E (D) Article 371G
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6. Which one among the following is not correct regarding Tsunami?
(A) Tsunami have a very long wavelength
(B) Tsunamis have a slight swell of about twelve inches above the normal sea surface
(C) Tsunamis grow in height when they reach shallower water
(D) Tides also play an important role in the generation of Tsunamis
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7. Over 90% of the world's biomass is in–
(A) tropical rain forests (B) freshwater wetlands
(C) topsoils (D) oceans
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8. The Employment Assurance Scheme envisages financial assistance to rural areas for guaranteeing employment to at least–
(A) 50 per cent of the men and women seeking jobs in rural areas
(B) 50 per cent of the men seeking jobs in rural areas
(C) one man and one woman in a rural family living below the poverty line
(D) one person in a rural landless household living below the poverty line
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9. What does cyclical unemployment mean?
(A) Unemployment during recessionary phase of a trade cycle (B) Disguised unemployment
(C) Seasonal unemployment (D) Voluntary unemployment
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10. The major forest product in India is–
(A) Timber (B) Fuel Wood
(C) Cane products (D) Resins
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11. Which one of the following kings took the unique title Samrat?
(A) Vidhyashakti Vakataka (B) Samudragupta
(C) Pravarasena I Vakataka (D) Harshavardhana
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12. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) The last known member of the main branch of the Vakatakas—Prithvisena II
(B) The last known king of the Traikutaka dynasty—Vikramasena
(C) The last king of the Vardhana dynasty—Harshavardhan.
(D) The last known king of the Vatsagulma branch of Vakataka dynasty—Sarvasena
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13. Modern industrial development of India is largely due to–
(A) rationalisation of raw materials (B) availability of skilled manpower
(C) liberalization of government policies (D) increase in market demand
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14. The first definite step to provide Parliamentary control over East India Company was taken by–
(A) the Regulating Act (B) the Pitts India Act
(C) the Charter Act of 1793 (D) the Charter Act of 1813
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15. How is Asafa Powell well-known as?
(A) Swimmer (B) Football Player
(C) Boxer (D) 100 m sprinter
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16. The first dynasty of the empire of Vijayanagar is known as Sangama Because–
(A) it was inspired by the greatness of the Tamil Sangam
(B) Vijayanagar was located at the confluence (Sangama) of Thngabhadra and Krishna
(C) it was named after Sangama, the father of Harihara and Bukka
(D) Harihara and Bukka convened a great assembly (sangama) of poets to celebrate the founding of the empire
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17. Which of the following sultans had greatest number of slaves in his court?
(A) Balban (B) Alauddin Khilji
(C) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq (D) Firoz Tughlaq
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18. The first Indian Swimmer to clock the best Indian time in 800 m freestyle is–
(A) Richa Mishra (B) Shikha Tandon
(C) Nisha Millet (D) Anita Sood
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19. Which one of the following regions of India has the potentiality of harnessing tidal power?
(A) Gulf of Khambhat (B) Gulf of Mannar
(C) Palk Strait (D) Kerala Coast
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20. The Indian Research Station Himadri is located at–
(A) Siachen (B) Darjeeling
(C) Arctic Region (D) Antarctica
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21. Duncan Passage is located between–
(A) South and Little Andaman (B) Little and Great Nicobar
(C) North and Middle Andaman (D) Middle and South Andaman
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22. Saffron is obtained from which part 'of plants–
(A) leaf (B) stem
(C) another and whole flower (D) stigma and style
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23. Which of the following is the main constituent of biogas?
(A) methane and carbon dioxide (B) methane and carbon monoxide
(C) hydrogen and carbon dioxide (D) butane and carbon dioxide
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24. In which of the following sessions of Indian National Congress, our national anthem was first sung on 27 December, 1911?
(A) Lahore (B) Calcutta
(C) Delhi (D) Surat
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25. Which one of the following sets of conditions is necessary for a good cultivation of wheat?
(A) Moderate temperature and moderate rainfall (B) High temperature and heavy rainfall
(C) High temperature and moderate rainfall (D) Low temperature and low rainfall
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