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1. _____ established the oil refinery at Bhatinda.
(A) BPCL (B) Reliance
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2. Economic growth is usually coupled with–
(A) deflation (B) inflation
(C) stagflation (D) hyper inflation
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3. The founder of the city of Hyderabad was–
(A) Ibrahim Qutb Shah (B) Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah
(C) Muhammad Qutb Shah (D) Jamshid Qutb Shah
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4. Which one among the following was fought earliest?
(A) Battle of Ambur (B) Battle of Buxar
(C) Battle of Plassey (D) Battle of Wandiwash
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5. Who among the following British officials was sent to Lahore to negotiate the Treaty of Amritsar with Ranjit Singh?
(A) Major Broodfoot (B) Charles T Metcalfe
(C) John Lawrence (D) Lord Me Cartney
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6. Dr C Rangarajan Committee is associated with which one of the following?
(A) Pricing and taxation of petroleum products (B) Estimation of national income
(C) Tax structure (D) Estimation of money supply
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7. Which one of the following is not a member of BASIC bloc of countries?
(A) South Africa (B) China
(C) India (D) Australia
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8. Where is the Central Coffee Research Institute situated?
(A) Balehonnur, Karnataka (B) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
(C) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (D) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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9. Which one among the following was not true about the Kerala king Martanda Verma?
(A) He ruled over Travancore (B) He subdued the feudatories
(C) He gave heavy bribes to the European officers to maintain peace (D) He organized a strong modern Army
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10. When the East India Company came into existence, England was ruled by the–
(A) Hanovarians (B) Stuarts
(C) Normans (D) Tudors
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11. The land of Bombay was given to the English Prince Charles II as dowry by the–
(A) Danish (B) Dutch
(C) Portuguese (D) English
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12. Which one of the following is the main form of degradation in the irrigated areas?
(A) Gully erosion (B) Wind erosion
(C) Salinisation of soils (D) Siltation of land
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13. Which one of the following is the main reason due to which, share of forest has shown an increase in the last 40 years?
(A) Extensive and effective efforts of afforestation
(B) Increase in the community forest land
(C) Increased notified area allocated for the forest growth
(D) Better peoples' participation in managing the forest area
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14. Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement from them?
(A) Irrigation has the highest proportion of the total used in the country (B) Water is a biotic resource
(C) The share of groundwater development is highest in Uttranachal (D) None of the above
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15. Which one among the following statements is correct?
(A) All bases are alkalis (B) None of the basis is alkali
(C) There are no more bases except the alkalis (D) All alkalis are bases but all bases are not alkalis
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16. In which of the following does the germination of the embryo occur when the fruit is still attached to the plant?
(A) Rhizobium (B) Manginifera
(C) Pineapple (D) Mangroove plants
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17. Which among the following is not a feature of Part IX of the Constitution of India?
(A) Five year tenure for panchayats
(B) Reservation of seats for schedule castes and schedule tribes for panchayat membership
(C) Indirect election for all panchayat seats (village/intermediate level)
(D) Reservation for not less than one-third of the seats for women
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18. A woman saint of medieval India, who was a great Shaivite, was–
(A) Lalla of Kashmir (B) Mirabai of Rajasthan
(C) Sita, the queen of Pipa (D) Jamabai of Maharashtra
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19. Which one of the following towns does not lie in the Mediterranean region?
(A) Algiers (B) Barcelona
(C) Sofia (D) Rome
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20. The lowering of bank rate by the RBI leads to–
(A) more liquidity in the market (B) less liquidity in the market
(C) no change in liquidity in the market (D) mobilization of more deposits by commercial banks
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21. After 1833, the single biggest source of drain of Indian wealth to Britain was–
(A) export of opium and indigo (B) British capital investment in India
(C) import of mill-made textiles and woollens (D) All of the above
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22. Who among the following was not associated with the formation of UP Kisan Sabha in February, 1918?
(A) Indra Narain Dwivedi (B) Gauri Shankar Mishra
(C) Jawaharlal Nehru (D) Madan Mohan Malaviya
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23. A British Committee of the Indian National Congress was stated in 1889 under the chairmanship of–
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji (B) AO Hume
(C) W Digby (D) W Wedderburn
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24. Neel Darpan is a play based on the story of Indigo Rebellion of Bengal of 1860-61. Who authored it?
(A) Dinabandhu Mitra (B) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
(C) Sisir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh jointly (D) Madhusudan Datta
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25. Where was the First Non-Aligned Summit (NAM) Meet held?
(A) New Delhi (B) Cairo
(C) Belgrade (D) Havana
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