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1. Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on . . . in India–
(A) 26th July (B) 25th July
(C) 24th July (D) 20th July
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2. FATF is an inter-governmental body whose purpose is the development and promotion of policies in order to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. FATF stands for–
(A) Financial Acquisition Task Force (B) Financial Action Task Forum
(C) Financial Activity Task Forum (D) Financial Action Task Force
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3. Who attended the imperial durbar (1877) dressed in hand spun Khadi?
(A) Ganesh Vasudev Joshi (B) MG Ranade
(C) Rabindranath Tagore (D) Balendranath Tagore
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4. The greater potential for the generation of tidal power in India is available in the–
(A) Malabar Coast (B) Konkan Coast
(C) Gujarat Coast (D) Coromandal Coast
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5. The Constituent Assembly of India started functioning from–
(A) December 9, 1946 (B) January 1, 1947
(C) January 26, 1947 (D) August 15, 1947
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6. Why is the difference between the durations of day and night hardly felt at Kanyakumari but not so in Kashmir?
(A) Latitudinal extent (B) Longitudinal extent
(C) North-South extent (D) Both 'a' and 'b'
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7. One of your friend hails from a country which share land boundary with India. Identify the country–
(A) Bhutan (B) Iran
(C) Thailand (D) Indonesia
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8. The Sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Gujarat in the West but the watches show the same time. How does it happen?
(A) Same Latitudes (B) Same Longitudes
(C) Single Time Zone (D) All of these
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9. Which one of the following materials will have maximum sound velocity?
(A) He (B) H2
(C) N2 (D) O2
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10. Which of the following Bhakti saints is not matched correctly with the state to which he belonged?
(A) Shankaradeva : Assam (B) Kabir : Uttar Pradesh
(C) Narsi Mehta : Gujarat (D) Tukaram : Bengal
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11. The Constitution (74th) Amendment Act mentions of the–
(A) composition of the National Development Council (B) structure of the Planning Commission of India
(C) functions of the State Finance Commission (D) functions of the Cauveri water authority
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12. In which one of the following countries is rupee the currency?
(A) Bhutan (B) Malaysia
(C) Maldives (D) Seychelles
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13. Which one of the following countries is land locked?
(A) Bolivia (B) Peru
(C) Surinam (D) Uruguay
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14. The modern economy is not characterized by–
(A) self-sufficient village system (B) development of money economy
(C) capital intensive mode of production (D) production for market
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15. US-based "Novelis" has recently been approved by–
(A) Birla Group (B) Reliance Group
(C) Tata Group (D) None of these
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16. Which of the following was not included in the August Offer?
(A) Expansion of Governor-General's Council
(B) Establishment of a War Advisory Council
(C) The British Government not to accept any Constitution or Government which did not enjoy the support of the minorities
(D) Setting up of a Constitution-making body
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17. Which one of the following statements with regard to 'Direct Action Day' is correct?
(A) Hasan Suhrawardy presided over the 'Direct Action Day' (B) 'Direct Action' took place in Delhi
(C) 'Direct Action Day' led to the Bihar riot (D) 'Direct Action' was endorsed by the Congress Party
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18. India's Defence Minister, who was made to resign after the Chinese aggression, was–
(A) VK Krishna Menon (B) YB Chavan
(C) Sardar Swarn Singh (D) Govind Vallabh Pant
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19. The Government of India has decided to celebrate ....., S Ramanujan's birthday as National Mathematics Day and declared ..... as National Mathematical Year–
(A) 22nd December, 2009 (B) 23rd December, 2011
(C) 22nd December, 2013 (D) 22nd December, 2012
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20. The World White Cane Day, celebrated on October 15th aims at–
(A) celebrating independence and opportunities for the blind/visually impaired
(B) helping sugarcane cultivators
(C) providing guidance to colour blind people
(D) celebrating riddance of white man's burden
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21. Sabin Award is given for the conservation of–
(A) amphibians (B) reptiles
(C) birds (D) corals
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22. Which of the following names is not applied to Chandragupta II?
(A) Devendra (B) Devagupta
(C) Devaraja (D) Devashri
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23. Fahien's mission to India was to–
(A) learn about the administrative system of the Gupta kings
(B) understand the social position of women during the Gupta period
(C) visit the Buddhist institutions and to collect copies of Buddhist manuscripts
(D) get full knowledge about the condition of peasants during the period of Gupta kings
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24. Which one of the following persons was not one of the nine jewels of Chandragupta II's court?
(A) Virasena Shaba (B) Acharya Dignaga
(C) Varahamihira (D) Charaka
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25. Which one of the following city receives rainfall during November-December?
(A) Mumbai (B) Kolkata
(C) Chennai (D) Shillong
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