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1. Which one of the following characterises the cold weather season in India?
(A) Warm days and moist nights (B) Cold days and warm nights
(C) Cool days and cold nights (D) Warm days and cold nights
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2. Which one of the following nuclear reactors is using the technology to convert the non-fissile thorium to fissile nuclear fuel in India?
(A) Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (B) Advanced light Water Reactor
(C) Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (D) Fast Breeder Reactor
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3. The elements of a group in the periodic table–
(A) have similar chemical properties (B) have consecutive atomic numbers
(C) are isobars (D) are isotopes
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4. Which of the following is not a recommendation of the Ashok Mehta Committee on Panchayati Raj?
(A) Open participation of political parties in Panchayati Raj affairs
(B) Creation of a three-tier system
(C) Reservation of seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes
(D) Compulsory powers of taxation to Panchayati Raj Institution
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5. Latvia does not share its borders with which one of the following countries?
(A) Russia (B) Estonia
(C) Lithuania (D) Poland
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6. Which one of the following does not border Panama?
(A) osta Rica (B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Colombia (D) Venezuela
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7. When was the first EPZ set up in Kandla?
(A) 1965 (B) 1970
(C) 1975 (D) 1995
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8. Who is the chairman of the newly constituted panel to review domestic savings and investments?
(A) C Rangarajan (B) RB Burman
(C) YK Alagh (D) Som Parthasarthy
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9. In Sanskrit plays written during the Gupta period women and sudras speak–
(A) Sanskrit (B) Prakrit
(C) Pali (D) Sauraseni
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10. Titles such as Mahendraditya, Mahendra-Simha, Ashvamedha- Mahendra were assumed by which one of the following kings?
(A) Kumaragupta I (B) Skandagupta
(C) Buddhagupta (D) Purugupta
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11. Five separate Sultanates arose in the Deccan, one after another, on the break-up of the Bahmani kingdom. Which of the following was the first to secede?
(A) The Adilshahi dynasty of Bijapur (B) The Imadshahi dynasty of Berar
(C) The Nizamshahi dynasty of Ahmadnagar (D) The Qutbshahi dynasty of Golcunda
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12. Transchart is the–
(A) chartering wing of the Ministry of Surface Transport (B) container service established by Indian Railways
(C) training institute of Maritime Studies and Research (D) passenger insurance scheme of Indian Railways
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13. Who invented Black Box Flight Recorder?
(A) Robert Stephenson (B) John Shorthand
(C) David Warren (D) David Robinson
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14. Planning in India drew on the–
(A) New Economic Programme of Lenin (B) Fabian Socialism of Sidney and Beatrice Web
(C) British welfare mechanism (D) new democratic development packages
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15. Which of the following was not one of the four cardinal doctrines of Sufism?
(A) Complete surrender to the will of God (B) Annihilation of the self
(C) Acquisition of mystic powers and attributes (D) The realisation of God
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16. The Deccani Muslim state which declared 'Hindvi' or Dakhini Urdu as the official language of the state instead of Persian, was?
(A) Bijapur (B) Ahmadnagar
(C) Golcunda (D) Berar
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17. The Bahmani wazir Mahmud Gawan founded a famous college at–
(A) Gulbarga (B) Oaulatabad
(C) Bidar (D) Golcunda
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18. It is a broad trough of low pressure in equatorial latitudes. This is where the North-East and South-East trade winds converge. This convergence zone lies more or less parallel to the equator but moves North or South with the apparent movement of the Sun. This is best defined by–
(A) ITCZ (B) EL Nino
(C) ENSO (D) Southern Oscillation
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19. Who among the following annulled the Partition of Bengal?
(A) Lord Chelmsford (B) Lord Curzon
(C) Lord Minto (D) Lord Hardinge
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20. High temperature and low pressure over the Indian Subcontinent during the summer season draws air from the Indian Ocean leading to the in-blowing of the–
(A) South-East monsoon(B) South-West monsoon
(C) Trade winds (D) Westerlies
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21. Which one among the following polymers is used for making bullet-proof material?
(A) Polyvinyl chloride (B) Polystyrene
(C) Polyethylene (D) Polyamide
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22. The pH of fresh groundwater slightly decreases upon exposure to air because–
(A) carbon dioxide from air is dissolved in the water
(B) oxygen from air is dissolved in the water
(C) the dissolved carbon dioxide of the groundwater escapes into air
(D) the dissolved oxygen of the groundwater escapes into air
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23. BCCI has terminated its contract with …..broadcasters.
(A) Nimbus (B) ESPN
(C) Star Sports (D) Fox Sports
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24. In which one of the following countries, did an ethnic violence between the communities of Hema and Lendu results in the death of hundreds of people?
(A) Democratic Republic of Congo (B) Indonesia
(C) Nigeria (D) Zambia
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25. The angular speed of a whirlwind in a Tornado towards the centre–
(A) decreases rapidly (B) increases
(C) remains constant (D) slowly becomes zero
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