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1. "Sunrise Industries" are industries–
(A) which are well developed and have ample scope for further development
(B) which improve export performance of the country
(C) which are small-scale industries
(D) which have high growth potential and meet further requirements of the economy
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2. Which one of the following soils is most suitable for cotton cultivation?
(A) Red soil (B) Black soil
(C) Loamy soil (D) Laterite soil
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3. Which one of the following power plants is not a thermal plant?
(A) Faridabad (B) Dhuvaram
(C) Idukki (D) Loktak
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4. Which one of the following was not one of the french possessions. merged with India on November 1, 1954?
(A) Chandranagore (B) Karikal
(C) Mahe (D) Yanam
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5. The Bhoodan leader Vinoba Bhave inauqrated the Bhoodan movement in–
(A) Maharashtra (B) Bihar
(C) Paschim Banga (D) Telangana
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6. As an alternative to the partition of India, Gandhiji suggested to Mountbatten that he–
(A) postpone granting of independence (B) invite Jinnah to form the government
(C) invite Nehru and Jinnah to form the government together (D) invite the Army to take over for some time
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7. Where is the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) located?
(A) Bengaluru (B) Hyderabad
(C) Coimbatore (D) Machilipatnam
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8. What is International Development Association?
(A) A voluntary association of developing countries (B) A federation of international lending agencies
(C) An affiliate of World Bank (D) An organization of donor countries of European Union
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9. Dilip Kaur Tiwana is well known as a–
(A) literateur (B) musician
(C) scientist (D) sports person
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10. In which state in India was Panchayati Raj first introduced?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Rajasthan
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh
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11. Which one of the following four periods corresponds with the withdrawl of South-West monsoon in most of the Northern India?
(A) June to September (B) October to November
(C) December to March (D) April to May
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12. Who is the only king of the Chalukyas of Badami known to perform the Ashvamedha sacrifice?
(A) Ranaraga (B) Pula Keshin I
(C) Pula Keshin II (D) Mangalesh
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13. Living organisms are kept separate from closely related species inhabiting the same geographical region by reproductive isolating mechanism called–
(A) phylogenetic species concept (B) morphological species concept
(C) genetic species concept (D) biological species concept
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14. Renewable energy can be obtained from–
(A) fossils (B) radioactive elements
(C) biomass (D) natural gas
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15. Arbitrage implies–
(A) the practice of taking advantage of price difference in two markets
(B) the practice of under invoicing- exports
(C) the practice of dumping viz selling goods in a foreign market cheaper than the home market
(D) the practice of over-invoicing imports
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16. Which of the following is correct regarding the gross domestic saving in India?
(A) Contribution of household sector is the largest (B) Contribution of government sector is the largest
(C) Contribution of corporate sector is the largest (D) None of the above
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17. The refining capacity of crude oil is highest in the–
(A) Haldia oil refinery (B) Mathura oil refinery
(C) Gujarat oil refinery (D) Vishakhapatnam oil refinery
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18. Which one of the following Dams is not meant for irrigation?
(A) Bhavani Sagar (B) Sivasamudram
(C) Krishnaraja Sagar (D) Bhakra-Nangal
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19. Which of the following ports handled the North Indian trade during the Gupta period?
(A) Tamralipti (B) Broach
(C) Kalyan (D) Cambay
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20. The rulers of which of the following dynasties were fond of the titles Vallabha, Prithivivallabha or Vallabhisvara?
(A) The Chalukyas of Badami (B) The Rashtrakutas
(C) The Gangas of Talakada (D) The Pallavas
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21. Who among the following is known for his work on medicine during the Gupta period?
(A) Saumilla (B) Sudraka
(C) Shaunaka (D) Susrutha
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22. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the hills of Meghalaya, from East to West?
(A) Garo-Khasi-Jaintia (B) Jaintia-Khasi-Garo
(C) Khasi-Jaintia-Garo (D) Jaintia-Garo-Khasi
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23. How is Lawrence H Summers known as?
(A) A renowned economist and the youngest President of the Harvard University
(B) A well known Hollywood film director
(C) A renowned researcher in nano technology
(D) A world renowned environment scientist
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24. Bokaro Steel Limited was established with the assistance of–
(A) Germany (B) Soviet Union
(C) UK (D) USA
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25. Which one of the following is not associated with Pulakesin II Chalukya?
(A) His court poet was Ravikriti who wrote the famous prashati of Aihole
(B) He defeated Harshavardhan of Kannauj
(C) He was defeated by the Pallavas under Narasimhavarman I
(D) He performed a horse sacrifice after defeating Harsha Vardhan
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