20 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz 14

1. Where are the headquarters of Asian Development Bank– (ADB)?
(A) Manila (B) Tokyo
(C) Singapore (D) Hongkong
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2. In the Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisatva Avalokitesvar was also known as–
(A) Vajrapani (B) Manjusri
(C) Padmapani (D) Maitreya
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3. Which of the following was the factor behind Magadhan supremacy?
(A) Geographical position-Ganga, Gandak and Ghaghra in North and son in South and capital city Rajgriha fortified with five hills
(B) Fertile soil and abundance of Iron ore
(C) Both 'a' and 'b'
(D) None of the above
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4. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Prize with who of the following?
(A) Al Gore (B) Ban-ki-Moon
(C) Bill Clinton (D) John Howard
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5. For attracting more customers and providing better facilities, which of the following bank has launched a scheme 'Parivartan'?
(A) Punjab National Bank (B) Bank of Baroda
(C) State Bank of India (D) Central Bank of India
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6. Which one of the following is not a part of early Jain literature?
(A) Therigatha (B) Acarangasutra
(C) Sutrakritanga (D) Brihatkalpasutra
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7. Rihand Valley Project is located in which one of the following States?
(A) Odisha (B) Gujarat
(C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Uttar Pradesh
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8. In ferns, the meiosis occursed before the formation of–
(A) spores (B) protonema
(C) gametes (D) prothallus
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9. Otolith found in the inner ear of man is chemically–
(A) magnesium carbonate (B) calcium carbonate
(C) calcium bicarbonate (D) silicon oxides
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10. Presence of many embryos is a characteristic feature of–
(A) citrus (B) mango
(C) banana (D) All of these
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11. The Legislative Council in a State in India can be created or abolished by the–
(A) Parliament on the recommendation of the Governor of the State
(B) Parliament alone
(C) Parliament after the state assembly passes the resolution to that effect
(D) Governor of the state on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers
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12. According to Article 164(1) of the Constitution of India in three States there shall be a Minister in charge of tribal welfare who may in addition be in charge of the welfare of the Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes. Which one of the following States is not covered by the Article?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Punjab
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Odisha
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13. With respect to Article 371A of the Constitution of India the Governor of which one of the following States has special responsibility with respect to Law and order of the State?
(A) Asom (B) Manipur
(C) Nagaland (D) Andhra Pradesh
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14. Which one of the following has geographical position of 0" latitude and 0° longitude?
(A) In the South Atlantic Ocean (B) In the Mediterranean Sea
(C) In Ghana, a West African country (D) At Greenwich Observatory in England
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15. The boundary between North and South Korea is marked by which one of the following?
(A) 16th Parallel (B) 29th Parallel
(C) 38th Parallel (D) 49th Parallel
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16. 'Stagflation' is–
(A) inflation after deflations (B) deflation with growth
(C) inflation with depression (D) inflation with growth
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17. 'Axis Bank' is the new proposed name for–
(A) UCO Bank (B) IDBI Bank
(C) ICICI Bank (D) UTI Bank
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18. The concept of Anuvrata was 'advocated by–
(A) Mahayana Buddhism (B) Hinayana Buddhism
(C) Jainism (D) the Lokayukta School
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19. Which one of the following sequences indicates the correct chronological order?
(A) Shankaracharya -Ramanuja –Chaitanya (B) Ramanuja -Shankaracharya- Chaitanya
(C) Ramanuja -Chaitanya –Shankaracharya (D) Shankaracharya -Chaitanya- Ramanuja
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20. Who is the author of the novel "The Hungry Tide"?
(A) Amitav Ghosh (B) Arundhati Roy
(C) Shashi Tharoor (D) Ved Mehta
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21. In which one of the following cities is the Lingaraja Temple located?
(A) Bhubaneshwar (B) Bijapur
(C) Kolkata (D) Shravanabelagola
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22. Who deposed Shah Jahan IInd and proclaimed Ali Gauhar as Emperor with the title of Shah Alam II?
(A) Ahmad Shah Abdali (B) Najib-ud-daula
(C) Sadashiv Rao Bhau (D) Najib Khan
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23. The Tropic of Cancer passes through which one of the following States?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Jammu and Kashmir (D) Bihar
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24. The colour of flower petals is due to the presence of–
(A) xanthophyll (B) anthocyanin
(C) phycoerythrin (D) carotene
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25. Dynein is the unique protein of–
(A) ribosomes (B) flagella
(C) lysosome (D) centrioles
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