20 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz 10

1. Railways is a subject of the–
(A) Union List (B) State List
(C) Concurrent List (D) Residual List
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2. To which one of the following countries did India pledge $ 10 million loan in the year 2002?
(A) Cambodia (B) East Timor
(C) Myanmar (D) Nepal
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3. A river is originating from the Tibet, moving towards East, after a reasonable distance it moves towards South and flows through a gorge then move towards West. Then again moves toward, South and finally drains into the Sea. What is the name of the river?
(A) Indus River (B) Ganga River
(C) Brahmaputra (D) Mekong River
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4. A growing country is one with–
(A) rising GNP at constant prices (B) rising GNP at current prices
(C) constant GNP at constant prices (D) None of the above
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5. In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was–
(A) Hindustan Commercial Bank (B) Oudh Commercial Bank
(C) Punjab National Bank (D) Punjab and Sind Bank
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6. The Buddhist Law or Doctrine of Karma meant–
(A) a man reaps what he sows (B) every individual is the maker of his own destiny
(C) prayers to a God or Gods alone cannot change the destiny of man (D) All of the above
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7. Which one of the following texts does not constitute the scriptural foundation of the Vedanta?
(A) The Upanishads (B) The Brahmasutra
(C) The Bhagavata Purana (D) The Bhagvadgita
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8. How is Satyadev Dubey well known as?
(A) Playwrighter and Director (B) A renowned economist
(C) A well known environmentalist (D) A renowned Hindi poet
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9. The Rashtrakuta king, who has been compared to the renowned Vikramaditya in liberality and patronage of men of letters, was–
(A) Govinda III (B) Dhruva IV
(C) Krishna III (D) Amoghavarsha
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10. A ruler of one of the ruling dynasties of the South who was called by the Arab traveller sulaiman as "among the four great sovereigns (powers) of the world - equal to the caliph of Baghdad and emperors of China and Turkey", was–
(A) Amoghavarsha, Rashtrakuta (B) Nandivarman, Pallava
(C) Rajendra Ist, Chola (D) Vira and Sundara, Pandya
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11. Which one of the following is located in the Bastar region?
(A) Bandhavgarh National Park (B) Dandeli Sanctuary
(C) Rajaji National Park (D) Indravati National Park
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12. Which of the following metal ion is needed to form poly-ribosomes from ribosomes?
(A) Ca2+ (B) Zn2+
(C) K+ (D) Mg2+
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13. The main memory of computer works with the conjunction of–
(A) Special function cards (B) RAM
(C) Intel (D) CPU
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14. Which of the following functions/actions is perform by the 'arithmetic/logic unit' of a computer?
(A) Checks data for accuracy
(B) Does calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
(C) Does logical comparisons, such as to, greater than, less than
(D) Does both calculations and logical comparisons
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15. Agricultural Income Tax is assigned to the State Government by–
(A) the Constitution of India (B) the National Development Council
(C) the Finance Commission (D) the Inter-state Council
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16. The source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj Institution is–
(A) local taxes (B) regional funds
(C) government grants (D) share in Union Government revenue
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17. Which is at the apex of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj?
(A) Gram Sabha (B) Gram Panchayat
(C) Zila Parishad (D) Panchayat Samiti
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18. Which one of the following is known as the convective region of the atmosphere?
(A) Ionosphere (B) Ozonsphere
(C) Stratosphere (D) Troposhere
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19. The correct propotion of gases in the atmosphere in desecending order is–
(A) Nitrogen, Carbondioxide and Oxygen (B) Nitrogen, Oxzgen and Carbondioxide
(C) Carbondioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen (D) Carbondioxide, Oxygen and Nitrogen
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20. The agency charged with the responsibility of buffer stocking is–
(A) Food Corporation of India (B) Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
(C) National Cooperative Union of India (D) Central Warehousing Corporation of India
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21. The government has undertaken grading and standardization of various agricultural products through the–
(A) Food Corporation of India (B) Directorate of Marketing and Inspection
(C) Indian Standards Institution (D) CSO
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22. What was the occasion for the building of a new capital near the mouth of the Kaveri called Gangaikonda –Cholapuram by Rajendra Ist?
(A) His victory over the Western Gangas
(B) Successful conclusion of his campaign against the Eastern Gangas of Orissa
(C) The performance of an Ashvamedha yajna after his allround victories
(D) The successful campaign of his armies in North India
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23. The main reason(s) for the decline (and eventual break-up) of the Chola empire from the third quarter of the twelfth century onwards was/were–
(A) frequent campaigns exhausted Chola resources
(B) provinces on the fringes of the kingdom were eroded by the neighbours
(C) The agrarian crisis and bureaucratic oppression resulted in people's rebellions
(D) All of the above
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24. ..........was the Mascot of 2011 Indian Census.
(A) A woman enumerator (B) A helping hand symbol
(C) A child and mother (D) A teddy bear
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25. The most powerful noble during the reign of Bahadur Shah and Jahandar Shah was–
(A) Asad Khan (B) Kukultash Khan
(C) Zulfiqar Khan (D) Saiyid Abdullah Khan
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