20 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz 3

1. The largest coral reef in the world is found near the coast of which one of the following countries?
(A) Australia (B) Cuba
(C) Ghana (D) Philippines
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2. Which one of the following cities does not have the same clock time as that of the other three cities at any given instant?
(A) London (UK) (B) Lisbon (Portugal)
(C) Accra (Ghana) (D) Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
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3. State Land Reforms is under which part of the Constitution?
(A) 7th Schedule (B) 8th Schedule
(C) 9th Schedule (D) 10th Schedule
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4. Under co-operative joint farming–
(A) society holds the land and leasesit to individuals (B) land is irrevocably surrendered to the society
(C) farmers pool their land but ownership continues with individual farmers (D) None of the above
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5. The Nawab of Bengal who shifted the capital from Dacca to Murshidabad was–
(A) Murshid Quli Khan (B) Shujauddin
(C) Alivardi Khan (D) Siraj-ud-daula
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6. Kumarasambhava, an epic poem, was composed by–
(A) Banabhatta (B) Chand Bardai
(C) Harisen (D) Kalidasa
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7. Well-known Suzlon Group of India is engaged in which one of the following as its major operations?
(A) Telecommunications (B) Automotive components
(C) Wind energy (D) Hotels
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8. From whom did Ranjit Singh acquire the world famous diamond the Kohinoor?
(A) Nadir Shah (B) Zaman Shah
(C) Shah Shuja (D) Dost Muhammad
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9. The Mughal school of painting formed the spinal column of the various schools of Indian miniature art. Which one of the following painting styles was not affected by Mughal painting?
(A) Pahari (B) Rajasthani
(C) Kangra (D) Kalighata
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10. Which one of the following is the oldest oil refinery in India?
(A) Haldia (B) Koyali
(C) Digboi (D) Mathura
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11. The corpus callosum is absent in which one among the following animals?
(A) Echidna (B) Rabbit
(C) Dog (D) Whale
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12. Which of the following stages is associated with the formation of chiasmata during meiotic cell division?
(A) Leptotene (B) Zygotene
(C) Pachytene (D) Diplotene
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13. The physical basis of life protoplasm was named by–
(A) Purkinje (B) J Huxley
(C) Robert brown (D) Sherington
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14. Which Judge of the Supreme Court was unsuccessfully sought to be impeached?
(A) Justice M Hidyatullah (B) Justice AN Grover
(C) Justice Ramaswami (D) Justice HR Khanna
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15. To whom does a Judge of the Supreme Court address his resignation if he wants to leave office before his term is complete?
(A) Chief Justice of India (B) Prime Minister
(C) President (D) Union Law Minister
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16. The rules for regulating the practice and procedure of Supreme Court under Article 145 of the constitution are made by the–
(A) Supreme Court of India (B) Supreme Court with the approval of the President of India
(C) Supreme Court in consultation with the Bar Council of India (D) Supreme Court alone
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17. Where is Copacabana Beach located?
(A) Buenos Aires (B) Hawaiian Islands
(C) Rio de Janeiro (D) Valletta
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18. Which one of the following countries is planning to construct a rival to the Panama Canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?
(A) Colombia (B) Costa Rica
(C) Guatemala (D) Nicaragua
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19. Gap between the irrigation potential and its utilization in India is mainly due to–
(A) delay in construction of field channels (B) availability of water falling short of the projected estimate
(C) corruption and mismanagement (D) lack of coordination between centre and the states
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20. Which of the following in respect of Indian agriculture is not correct?
(A) India is the 3rd largest producer of chemical fertilizers
(B) India is the largest producer of coconuts
(C) India is the largest producer of mango, banana, cheeku and acid lime
(D) India is second largest producer of vegetables
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21. Ahmad Shah Abdali or Durrani invaded India several times between 1748 and 1757. During which of his campaigns was he defeated and put to flight?
(A) First (B) Third
(C) Fifth (D) Seventh
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22. What was the name of the organisation founded by Narayan Malhar Joshi in 1911 'to secure for the masses of the people better and reasonable conditions of life and work'?
(A) All India Trade Union Congress (B) Seva Samiti, Allahabad
(C) Seva Samiti Boy Scout's Association (D) Social Service League, Bombay
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23. What are the official languages of the UNO?
(A) English, French and Russian (B) English, French, German and Russian
(C) English, French, Russian, Chinese and Hindi (D) English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish
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24. Amongst the following who cooperated with Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the implementation of his educational programmes?
(A) Dwarkanath Tagore (B) David Hare
(C) Henri Derozio (D) William Jones
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25. The writings of which of the following have not enriched Bengali drama?
(A) Rasik Krishna Mallie (B) Madhusudan Dutt
(C) Dinbandhu Mitra (D) Girish Chandra Ghosh
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