WBPSC Miscellaneous Exam General Studies Solved Question Paper

West Bengal Public Service Commission Miscellaneous Exam., 2012
(Held on 4-8-2013)

General Studies : Solved Paper

( Question No. 1-25 )
26. Which party-led government became the first civilian government in Pakistan to last for 5 years?
(A) Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (B) Pakistan People's Party
(C) Pakistan Qaurni Party (D) Pakistan Muslim League
Ans : (B)

27. 'Survival of the fittest' was coined by–
(A) Darwin (B) Lamarch
(C) Mendel (D) Viseman
Ans : (A)

28. Which country is the largest importer of Gold?
(A) USA (B) France
(C) Germany (D) India
Ans : (D)

29. The Supreme Court consists of–
(A) One Chief Justice and 18 other Judges
(B) One Chief Justice and 25 other Judges
(C) One Chief Justice and 26 other Judges
(D) One Chief Justice and 30 other Judges
Ans : (D)

30. Firoja Begum is associated with–
(A) Acting (B) Nazrul-Geeti
(C) Social Service (D) Politics
Ans : (B)

31. Haemoglobin is–
(A) a copper compound (B) a cobalt compound
(C) a magnesium compound (D) an iron compound
Ans : (D)

32. A man donated 4% of his income to a charity and deosited 10% of the rest in a bank. He now has Rs. 10,800. His income is–
(A) Rs. 12,500 (B) Rs. 18,500
(C) Rs. 12,000 (D) Rs. 10,900
Ans : (A)

33. Article 309 empowers Parliament and State Legislatures–
(A) To regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of the Public Services of the Union and the States respectively
(B) To deal with powers and duties of the Comptroller and Auditor General
(C) To deal with Indian Foreign Service
(D) To regulate Income-tax Officers (Class I) Service
Ans : (A)

34. Which country is going to host the Winter Olympic Games 2014 ?
(A) USA (B) U. K.
(C) Russia (D) Canada
Ans : (C)

35. 'Arogya Niketan' is composed by–
(A) Tarashankar Bandyopadhyaya (B) Kalidas Nag
(C) Gokul Nag (D) Subodh Ghosh
Ans : (A)

36. Soaps are–
(A) sodium and potassium salts of higher fatty acids (B) sodium salts of sulphonic acids
(C) high molecular mass alcohols (D) mixtures of glycerol and phenol
Ans : (A)

37. Which Parliamentary Committee considers matters of procedure and conduct of business?
(A) The Rules Committee (B) Business Advisory Committee
(C) Ad Hoc Committees (D) Financial Committees
Ans : (A)

38. A sum lent on simple interest becomes Rs. 2520 in 2 years and Rs. 2700 in 5 years. The principal sum is–
(A) Rs. 2400 (B) Rs. 2000
(C) Rs. 2500 (D) Rs. 2600
Ans : (A)

39. The metal first discovered by man is–
(A) iron (B) copper
(C) aluminium (D) gold
Ans : (B)

40. The Governor-General who decided in favour of Western Education in India–
(A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord William Bentinck
(C) Lord Ripon (D) Lord Curzon
Ans : (B)

41. When can ordinances be issued by the President?
(A) When Parliament is not in session (B) During emergency
(C) When Parliament is in session (D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

42. Name the Pakistani female education activist who became a victim of the Taliban recently–
(A) Hina Rabbani Khar (B) Malala Yousufzai
(C) Benazir Yousufzai (D) Attia Bano Qamar
Ans : (B)

43. Who was the General of Sher Shah ?
(A) Brahmajit Gaur (B) Dillr Khan
(C) Shaye tha Khan (D) Jai Singh
Ans : (A)

44. Which of the following pairs is isoelectronic ?
(A) N2, CO (B) NO, CO
(C) CO, CN (D) O2, CN
Ans : (C)

45. Article 14 of the Constitution of India ensures–
(A) Equality before the law and equal protection of the laws (B) Right to freedom
(C) Right to religion (D) Right to constitutional remedies
Ans : (A)

46. Name the country that lost 30 Footballers and Officials in an aircrash in 1993–
(A) Russia (B) Venezuela
(C) Zambia (D) Somalia
Ans : (C)

47. Who wrote 'Nil Darpan' ?
(A) Madhusudan Dutta (B) Dinabandhu Mitra
(C) Harish Chandra Mukherjee (D) Kali Prasanna Singha
Ans : (B)

48. When chlorine reacts with excess of ammonia, the product are–
(A) NH4Cl, NCl3 (B) N2, NH4Cl
(C) NCl3.HCl (D) N2HCl
Ans : (B)

49. Right to Freedom is ensured in the Indian Constitution under Article–
(A) 23 (B) 25
(C) 18 (D) 19
Ans : (D)

50. The ratio of wages of two labours is 4 : 3. If the wages of the first be decreased by Rs. 9 and that of the second be increased by Rs. 9, the ratio of the wages will be reverse ratio as it was a first. Determine the wages of first labour–
(A) Rs. 27 (B) Rs. 36
(C) Rs. 42 (D) Rs. 48
Ans : (B)

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