GBO MBA Entrance Test General Knowledge Solved Paper 2012

GBO MBA Entrance Test 2012
Global Business Operations, University of Delhi
General Knowledge Solved Paper

1. In which of the following States are India’s maximum number of mines producing minerals (excluding minor minerals, petroleum (crude), natural gas and atomic minerals) located ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Gujarat
(C) Jharkhand (D) Andhra Pradesh
Ans : (B)

2. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) is an organisation under which of the following ?
(A) International Monetary Fund (B) World Economic Forum
(C) United Nations (D) World Bank
Ans : (C)

3. Who has written the biography of the Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, ‘Sonia Gandhi: An Extra-ordinary Life, An Indian Destiny’?
(A) Rani Singh (B) Anjali Joseph
(C) Rana Dasgupta (D) Moni Mohsri
Ans : (A)

4. Who among the following has won the 26th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration?
(A) Balraj Puri (B) Shyam Benegal
(C) Mohan Dharia (D) Javed Akhtar
Ans : (C)

5. Article, 32 of the Indian Constitution stands for–
(A) Right to Constitutional Remedies (B) Right Against Exploitation
(C) Right to Religion (D) Right to Equality
Ans : (A)

6. ‘Peepli Live’ is a film directed by–
(A) Anusha Rizvi (B) Aamir Khan
(C) Kiran Rao (D) David Dhawan
Ans : (A)

7. What constitutes the social infrastructure of an economy ?
(A) Transport, health and banking (B) Education, health and other civic amenities
(C) Industry, trade and transport (D) Education, industry and agriculture
Ans : (B)

8. The asteroids revolve round the Sun in between–
(A) Mars and Jupiter (B) Jupiter and Saturn
(C) Earth and Mars (D) Saturn and Uranus
Ans : (A)

9. ‘Free throw’ is given in which of the following games ?
(A) Basketball (B) Cricket
(C) Football (D) Volleyball
Ans : (A)

10. Who created the new form of information presentation known as World Wide Web ?
(A) Robert Morris Jr. (B) Michael Dertouzas
(C) Tim Berners-Lee (D) Bob Kahn
Ans : (C)

11. Which city is also known as the “Big Apple”?
(A) New York, USA (B) Canberra, Australia
(C) Madrid, Spain (D) Lausanne, Switzerland
Ans : (A)

12. Which of the following vegetable oils does not contain essential fatty acids?
(A) Groundnut oil (B) Mustard oil
(C) Sunflower oil (D) Coconut oil
Ans : (C)

13. Absolute zero is–
(A) a state when an object is non-existent (B) a state when an ailing person loses all hope
(C) last stage of the dying star (D) the lowest temperature theoretically possible
Ans : (D)

14. Which of the following oceans has the shape of English alphabet S ?
(A) Arctic Ocean (B) Indian Ocean
(C) Atlantic Ocean (D) Pacific Ocean
Ans : (C)

15. What is ‘Barak’ ?
(A) Residential complex of an Army unit (B) A barrage on river Brahmaputra
(C) A ship-based missile system (D) A peak in Kargil
Ans : (C)

16. Where is the Bandipur National Park?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Karnataka
(C) Assam (D) Odisha
Ans : (B)

17. What is ‘Jhum’ ?
(A) A type of cultivation (B) A tribe
(C) A folk dance (D) Name of a river valley
Ans : (A)

18. If saving exceeds investment, the national income will–
(A) rise (B) fluctuate
(C) fall (D) remain constant
Ans : (C)

19. ‘Teratali’ is the folk dance of–
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Rajasthan (D) Haryana
Ans : (C)

20. UN Day is celebrated on–
(A) October, 24 (B) January, 24
(C) June, 24 (D) September, 24
Ans : (A)

21. What are the blood corpuscles that help to build up resistance against diseases?
(A) Monocytes (B) Neutrophils
(C) Leucocytes (D) Lymphocytes
Ans : (C)

22. What is the chromosome number in a human ovum ?
(A) 24 (B) 46
(C) 48 (D) 50
Ans : (B)

23. Which one of the following is the greatest circle ?
(A) Arctic Circle (B) Equator
(C) Tropic of Capricorn (D) Tropic of Cancer
Ans : (B)

24. Who is Julian Assange ?
(A) Founder, Google (B) Founder of Rediffmail
(C) Founder, WikiLeaks (D) Nobel Laureate, Peace
Ans : (C)

25. What does the letter ‘S’ denote in ‘AFSPA’, an abbreviation we very often see in newspapers ?
(A) Sovereign (B) Special
(C) State (D) Security
Ans : (B)

26. The present ‘Somnath Temple’ located in the Kathiawar region of Gujarat is the seventh temple built on the original site. It was completed on–
(A) January 10, 1991 (B) August 6, 1992
(C) March 20, 1994 (D) December 1, 1995
Ans : (D)

27. ‘Akbar’ built Fatehpur Sikri (city of victory) near Agra, commemorating the emperor’s conquest of–
(A) Gujarat (B) Bengal
(C) Magadh (D) Sindh
Ans : (A)

28. Who among the following has been appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (SABLA) by Ministry of Women and Child Development recently?
(A) Nandita Das (B) Kareena Kapoor
(C) Kajol (D) Priyanka Chopra
Ans : (D)

29. King Idris was the last monarch of–
(A) Egypt (B) Iran
(C) Libya (D) Afghanistan
Ans : (C)

30. What is ‘Operation Twist’ in news in September, 2011 ?
(A) US program to support overthrow of Assad regime in Syria.
(B) US program to locate Libyan dictator Gaddafi.
(C) US program to sell short-term debt and buy long-term debt.
(D) US program to trade deficit with China.
Ans : (C)

31. Which country’s Progress cargo rocket launch, ferrying food and fuel to the International Space Station, ended in a failure recently?
(A) Russia (B) China
(C) Japan (D) USA
Ans : (A)

32. Which of the following is not among the State/union territories that underwent a name-change after their creation?
(A) Chhattisgarh (B) Uttarakhand
(C) Puducherry (D) Odisha
Ans : (A)

33. India assumed the Chairmanship of which of the following international organisations in September, 2011 ?
(A) G-77 (B) Non-Aligned Movement
(C) G-24 (D) BRICS
Ans : (C)

34. The Union Environment Ministry has decided to declare Sathymangalam Wildlife Sanctuary a ‘Tiger Reserve’. The sanctuary is in which State ?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Karnataka
(C) Puducherry (D) Andhra Pradesh
Ans : (A)

35. Which of the following has conducted a study on the economic impact of interlinking of rivers programme?
(C) Planning Commission (D) CMIE
Ans : (B)

36. Education Innovation Fund for India is an initiative of–
(A) Intel (B) IBM
(C) Microsoft India (D) Hewlett-Packard
Ans : (D)

37. Which Indian petroleum company was in news recently for the first hydrocarbon discovery in Sri Lanka ?
(A) RIL (B) Cairn India
(C) ONGC (D) Essar Oil
Ans : (B)

38. The term ‘Golden Revolution’ is most closely related to which of the following missions ?
(A) National Mission on Clean Coal Technologies. (B) National Bamboo Mission.
(C) National Solar Mission. (D) National Horticulture Mission.
Ans : (D)

39. What is the number of digits in the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code mentioned at the bottom of the cheque just after the cheque number ?
(A) 6 (B) 7
(C) 8 (D) 9
Ans : (D)

40. Which of the following has become the first Indian State to launch health insurance policy covering all its people?
(A) J and K (B) Haryana
(C) Kerala (D) Goa
Ans : (D)

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