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Modern Indian History Quiz Questions
1. The Indian National Congress was formed–
(A) 1885 (B) 1887
(C) 1888 (D) 1895
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2. The Vernacular Press Act was passed in–
(A) 1878 (B) 1881
(C) 1888 (D) 1898
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3. The Vernacular Press Act was repealed by–
(A) Lord Ripon (B) Lord Lytton
(C) Lord William Bentic (D) Gladstone
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4. Who made remarkable contribution to the development of Local government?
(A) Lord Ripon (B) Gladstone
(C) W. W. Hunter (D) Hastings
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5. The land was owned by temples Known as–
(A) Dewaswam (B) Brahmaswam
(C) Cherikkal (D) Kanam
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6. .....................a notable disciple of Sree Nārāyana Guru introduced Guru's visions and ideals to the western world.
(A) Nataraja Guru (B) Kumaranasan
(C) Chattambi Swamikal (D) K. Madhavan
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7. Who established Narayana Gurukulam in 1923 in the Nilgiri Hills with the blessings of Nārāyana Guru?
(A) Nataraja Guru (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) T. K. Madhavan (D) Dr. Palpu
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8. In 1913, the Guru founded an Ashram at .....................called the Advaita Ashram.
(A) Vaikom (B) Palluruthi
(C) Aluva (D) Trichur
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9. Who formed SNDP Yogam?
(A) T.K.Madhavan (B) Nataraja Guru
(C) Nārāyana Guru (D) Dr.Palpu
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10. In a message to the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam in 1926.....................declared, No community can make progress except through organization.
(A) Chattambi Swamikal (B) Dr. Palpu
(C) Nārāyana Guru (D) Rajaram Mohan Roy
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11.....................was prominent in the Labour and Socialist movements, a member of the Fabian Society and Social Democratic Federation, and took an active part in Trade Union work among unskilled labourers.
(A) Annie Besant (B) H. P. Blavatsky
(C) W. T. Stead (D) H. S. Olcott
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12. Annie Besant joined The Theosophical Society on 21 May–
(A) 1867 (B) 1878
(C) 1879 (D) 1889
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13. In 1893.....................represented The Theosophical Society at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.
(A) Annie Besant (B) George Thompson
(C) G. F. Remfry (D) Ramgopal Ghosh
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14. In 1893.....................landed in India, made a tour of the country in the company of H. S. Olcott, and, by her splendid presentation of Indian philosophy and her undisguised personal preference for the Indian spiritual heritage, won the support of orthodox Brahmins to Theosophy.
(A) Annie Besant (B) Upendranath Basu
(C) I. N. Gurtu (D) George Thompson
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15. Who founded the Central Hindu School and College in Benares (now Varanasi)?
(A) Annie Besant (B) Dr Bhagavan Das
(C) Govinda Das (D) G. N. Chakravarti
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16. The Ganapati festival was started in–
(A) 1792 (B) 1793
(C) 1893 (D) 1904
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17. The first Shivaji festival was held at Raigarh in–
(A) 1890 (B) 1892
(C) 1895 (D) 1899
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18. Hindu Mahasabha was founded in–
(A) 1901 (B) 1906
(C) 1915 (D) 1925
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19. Muslim League established in December–
(A) 1901 (B) 1902
(C) 1906 (D) 1946
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20.The background of the foundation of the Muslim League at.....................on 30 December 1906 may be traced back to the establishment of the Indian national congress in 1885.
(A) Dhaka (B) Shahbag
(C) Simla (D) Bengal
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