Indian History - Modern History Essay Quiz Questions with Answers

Modern Indian History Quiz Questions
1. The arrival of Vasco da Gama in Calicut, India on–
(A) 1398 (B) 1495
(C) 1496 (D) 1498
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2. Diu was the colony of the–
(A) Portuguese (B) English
(C) Dutch (D) French
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3. In 1612.....................established a trading post in Gujarat.
(A) British (B) French
(C) Spain (D) Dutch
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4. In 1614 Sir Thomas Roe was instructed by..................... to visit the court of Jahangir, the Mughal emperor of India.
(A) James I (B) Babar
(C) Shajahan (D) Humayun
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5. In 1661 the company obtained.....................from Charles II.
(A) Bombay (B) Madras
(C) Kannur (D) Calcutta
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6. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the–
(A) Brahma Samaj (B) Arya Samaj
(C) Ramakrishna Mission (D) Theosophical society
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7. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was given the title 'Raja' by the–
(A) Mughals (B) British
(C) French (D) Dutch
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8. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22, 1772 in village Radhanagar in the District of Hooghly in–
(A) Bombay (B) Assam
(C) Bengal (D) MP
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9. In.....................a man named Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded an organization called 'Brahma Samaj'.
(A) 1628 (B) 1728
(C) 1828 (D) 1928
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10. Who is regarded as as the 'father of modern India'.
(A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (B) Swami Dayananda Saraswati
(C) Sri Aurobindo (D) Bhagat Singh
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11. In 1904 the then Maharajah of Travancore exempted Nārāyana Guru from personal appearances in court, an honour recognizing the Guru as a distinguished living personality.
(A) Kannur (B) Thalassery
(C) Travancore (D) Cochi
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12. The first statue of the Guru was conceived by–
(A) Moorkoth Kumaran (B) Tavaroli
(C) Bodhananda Swamikal (D) Gokahale
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13. Who called Sree Narayana Guru as ‘The Second Buddha’?
(A) G. Sankara Kurup (B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Bodhananda Swamikal (D) Moorkoth Kumaran
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14. Atmopadesa Śatakam is the work of–
(A) Dr. Palpu (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) C. Kesavan (D) Sree Narayana Guru
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15. Advaitha Deepika is the work of–
(A) Sree Narayana Guru (B) Chattambi Swamikal
(C) C. Kesavan (D) Dr. Palpu
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16. The United Nation’s the International Year of Women.
(A) 1875 (B) 1878
(C) 1905 (D) 1956
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17. The First World Conference on Women in.....................generated a new interest in and debate on women’s issues.
(A) Delhi (B) Hyderabad
(C) Mexico (D) Copenhagen
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18. Sati was declared a punishable offence in–
(A) 1727 (B) 1729
(C) 1829 (D) 1834
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19. The formation of the Indian National Congress (INC) was in the year–
(A) 1865 (B) 1875
(C) 1885 (D) 1905
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20. Zamindari Association was the.....................political association of modern India.
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third (D) Fourth
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