Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-II Exam Question Paper

Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt. of India)
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade - II (Executive) Exam, 2012 : Solved Paper

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51. What is the main Chemical component of Vinegar ?
(A) Acetic acid (B) Citric Acid
(C) Tartaric acid (D) Nitric acid
Ans : (A)

52. Which gas is released from paddy fields ?
(A) Carbon dioxide (B) Methane
(C) Ammonia (D) Hydrogen Sulphide
Ans : (B)

53. Which of these is not a micronutrient essential for plant growth and health ?
(A) Manganese (B) Iodine
(C) Boron (D) Zinc
Ans : (B)

54. Who among the following four is the odd man out ?
(A) Abanindranath Tagore (B) J. S. Swaminathan
(C) Akbar Padmasee (D) Javed Ahhtar
Ans : (D)

55. In the last one decade, which among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India ?
(A) Computer hardware and software (B) Services sector
(C) Automobile sector (D) Telecommunication
Ans : (D)

56. What is the estimated size of Indian economy for 2012-13 (GDP in US Dollars).
(A) one trillion (B) two trillion
(C) three trillion (D) four trillion
Ans : (B)

57. What percentage of India's GDP in 2011-12 was contributed by Agriculture and allied sectors ?
(A) 20% (B) 14%
(C) 54% (D) 34%
Ans : (B)

58. What was India's crude import bill (in US Dollars) in 2011-12 and its percentile share to total imports ?
(A) $ 150 billion, 32% (B) $ 56 billion, 26%
(C) $ 475 billions, 80% (D) $ 250 billion, 51%
Ans : (A)

59. In which country is the Great Victoria Desert located ?
(A) Namibia (B) Argentina
(C) Mongolia (D) Australia
Ans : (D)

60. Which of the following is not caused by movement of tectonic plates ?
(A) Earthquakes (B) Volcanic eruptions
(C) Ocean current (D) Oceanic trench formation
Ans : (B)

61. Which of the following is not a "greeenhouse gas" (GHG) ?
(A) Oxygen (B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Water vapour (D) Methane
Ans : (A)

62. Which of the following is the basic structural and functional unit of a kidney ?
(A) Lymphocyte (B) Nephron
(C) Lobule (D) Neuron
Ans : (C)

63. German Silver is an alloy of–
(A) Copper, Zinc and Nickel (B) Silver, Copper and Carbon
(C) Silver, Zinc and Aluminium (D) Aluminium, Zinc and Cobalt
Ans : (A)

64. Which of the following substances is most commonly used for cloud seeding (artificial rains) ?
(A) Magnesium hydroxide (B) Potassium Chloride
(C) Silver iodide (D) Zinc Sulphate
Ans : (C)

65. A Theodolite is used for measuring–
(A) oceanic temperature variation (B) celestial distances
(C) river water flow (D) angles in horizontal and vertical planes.
Ans : (D)

66. Which of the following is not a jovian planet (gaseous planet) in the Solar system ?
(A) Jupiter (B) Saturn
(C) Venus (D) Neptune
Ans : (C)

67. Which is the only internal organ of human body capable of regenerating its lost tissues ?
(A) Lungs (B) Kidney
(C) Liver (D) Brain
Ans : (C)

68. What is meant by Sulphur Shower ?
(A) Sulphuric acid rain due to air pollution
(B) Shower of yellow pollen from conifers in spring
(C) An industrial process to treat porcelain with Sulphuric acid
(D) Release of hydrogen sulphide from industries
Ans : (B)

69. Which mobile operating system–
today has the largest share in global smartphone market ?
(A) Android OS (B) BlackBerry Os
(C) Apple iOS (D) Nokia S40 OS
Ans : (A)

70. Alteration of consciousness during deep sea diving is known as–
(A) Raptures of the deep (B) Martini Effect
(C) Nitrogen Narcosis (D) All the three
Ans : (C)

71. The gases used in normal welding process are–
(A) Oxygen and Hydrogen (B) Oxygen, Hydrogen and Acetylene
(C) Acetylene and Nitrogen (D) Oxygen and Acetylene
Ans : (D)

72. Who was the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 ?
(A) Bartolomeu Dias (B) Ferdinand Magellan
(C) Columbus (D) James Cook
Ans : (A)

73. Northern Africa was divided between two Muslim Caliphates at around 1000 AD. While northwestern Africa (essentially, modern Morocco) and southern Spain were ruled by the Umayyads, which Caliphate ruled over what is now modern Tunisia, Libya and Egypt ?
(A) Hafsid (B) Idrisid
(C) Fatimid (D) Aghlabid
Ans : (C)

74. Who founded the "Young Italy" movement, the anchor organization behind the unification of Italy in the nineteenth century ?
(A) Count Cavour (B) Garibaldi
(C) Giuseppe Mazzini (D) Red Shirts
Ans : (C)

75. Where Was the battle of Badr fought in which Muslims led by Muhammad defeated Quraish of Mecca decisively on March 13, 624 AD ?
(A) 80 miles south west of Medina (B) Outskirts of Mecca
(C) Jeruselam (D) Mount Arafat
Ans : (A)

76. Who was. the Commander-in-Chief of Confederate States in the American Civil War (1861-65) ?
(A) Abraham Lincoln (B) Jefferson Davis
(C) Robert E. Lee (D) James Longstreet
Ans : (A)

77. On which date the US dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima ?
(A) August 9, 1945 (B) May 8, 1945
(C) July 26, 1945 (D) August 6, 1945
Ans : (D)

78. The Treaty of Srirangapatna was signed in 1792 between Tipu Sultan and–
(A) Dalhousie (B) Cornwallis
(C) Warren Hastings (D) Lord Clive
Ans : (B)

79, Wimbledon Tournament is associated with which game ?
(A) Football (B) Golf
(C) Tennis (D) Badminton
Ans : (C)

80. Under an agreement with which of the following countries did Subhas Chandra Bose organise the Indian soldiers, taken as prisoners by the Axis Powers, into the Azad Hind Fauj ?
(A) China (B) Germany
(C) Italy (D) Japan
Ans : (D)

81. In which part of ancient India was Kharoshthi script in use between 3rd century BC and 3rd century AD ?
(A) Magadh region (B) Central region
(C) Southern region (D) Gandhar region
Ans : (D)

82. Battle of Jamrud was fought between Sikhs and Afghans in April 1837 in which Afghans were defeated but an important Sikh general was killed. Who was this Sikh general ?
(A) Jorawar Singh (B) Mahan Singh
(C) Hari Singh Nalwa (D) Diwan Bhiwani Das
Ans : (C)

83. Who was the first Muslim president of Indian National Congress ?
(A) Mohammad Ali Jinnah (B) Badruddin Tyabji
(C) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad (D) Syed Ahmed Khan
Ans : (B)

84. Three Round Table Conferences were organised by British Government between 1930 and 1932 to discuss the constitutional reform in India. In which Round Table Conference did the Congress attend ?
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third (D) All the above
Ans : (B)

85. Who was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution ?
(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (B) K. M. Munsi
(C) N. G. S. Ayanger (D) B. R. Ambedkar
Ans : (D)

86. What is the Quorum laid down to constitute a meeting of either of the Houses of Parliament ?
(A) one-tenth of the total number of members of that House
(B) one-fourth of the total number of members of that House
(C) one-fifth of the total number of members of that House
(D) one-half of the total number of members of that House
Ans : (A)

87. Who has the authority to call a joint session of the two Houses of Parliament ?
(A) Prime Minister (B) President
(C) Speaker of Lok Sabha (D) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Ans : (B)

88. In which session of the year, President addresses both the Houses of Parliament ?
(A) First session (Budget) (B) Second session (Monsoon)
(C) Third session (winter) (D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

89. Which of the following States does not have bicameral legislature ?
(A) Bihar (B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Maharashtra
Ans : (C)

90. What fraction of Legislative Council Members are nominated by Governor on the advice of Cabinet from amongst those having excelled in the fields of science, arts, literature, cooperative movement or social science ?
(A) 1/3 (B) 1/6
(C) 1/12 (D) 1/4
Ans : (B)

91. In which of the following States is the construction site of proposed Tipaimukh dam located ?
(A) Mizoram (B) Assam
(C) Manipur (D) Nagaland
Ans : (C)

92. The capitals of Manipur, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh respectively are–
(A) Imphal, Aizawl and Itanagar (B) Itanagar, Aizawl and Imphal
(C) Kohima, Shillong and Agartala (D) Imphal, Itanagar and Aizawl
Ans : (A)

93. Which of the following is not a tributary of Krishna rivet ?
(A) Tungbhadra (B) Bhima
(C) Koyna (D) Godavari
Ans : (D)

94. Which of the following is not a hill station in South India ?
(A) Ooty (B) Kodaikanal
(C) Munnar (D) Coimbatore
Ans : (D)

95. Which of the following States shares border with China ?
(A) West Bengal (B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Nagaland (D) Uttar Pradesh
Ans : (B)

96. Which of the following is not a land-locked State ?
(A) Bihar (B) Chhattisgarh
(C) Mizoram (D) Odisha
Ans : (D)

97. Which of the following is not matched correctly ?
(A) US – CIA (B) UK – MI 6
(C) France – Mossad (D) India – R&AW
Ans : (C)

98. In which year was Guru Nanak Dev born ?
(A) 1242 AD (B) 1358 AD
(C) 1469 AD (D) 1542 AD
Ans : (C)

99. Which religious leader established 'four mathas' in India ?
(A) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (B) Shankaracharya
(C) Vivekananda (D) Ramanuja
Ans : (B)

100. Who was the first Christian missionary to India ?
(A) Thomas the Apostle (B) John Breeden
(C) Richard Knill (D) St George
Ans : (A)

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