Singular and Plural Nouns - Basic English Grammar

Singular and Plural Nouns
(Some Special Cases)
Incorrect :
A group of people were there. Correct :
A crowd of women are there. Correct :
A herd of cattle were stolen. Correct :
A flock of sheep are grazing in the field. Correct :
A team of players have arrived. Correct :
A regiment of soldiers are there. Correct :
Note : (i) Collective nouns जैसे– a group (of things), a crowd (of people), a herd (of cattle), a flock (of sheep) , a regiment (of soldiers), a congregation (of worshippers) प्राय: singular माना जाता है। इनके बाद of + plural noun + singular verb का प्रयोग किया जाता है।
(ii) कुछ collective nouns हैं (जिन्हें modern grammar में group noun कहा जाता है) जो grammar के अनुसार singular किन्तु अर्थ के अनुसार plural होते है। उनके साथ उसी अनुसार singular या plural verb लगता है। जैसे–
The public is/are tired of demonstrations.
The audience was/were enjoying the show.
The committee has/have considered your request.
The vast majority of students needs/need financial support.
My family is very large. My family (=father, mother, brothers, sisters etc.) are all tall.
A new government (= ministry) is formed.
The government (= the people who rule) have decided to ease import license.
The government {has/have}broken all {their/its}promises.

जब group को a single undivided body के रूप में समझा जाता है तब उसके साथ singular verb का प्रयोग किया जाता है,
The public consists of you and me.
The audience was enormous.
My company is opening a new factory.

Incorrect :
The goods was sent. Correct :
This premises looks too big. Correct :
Note : goods, premises, police, peole, riches, scissors, shears, trousers आदि सदा plural माने जाते हैं।

Incorrect :
That pair of shoes are mine. Correct :
This pair of scissors belong to me. Correct :
Note : A pair of shoes/shears/scissors/gloves/trousers को singular माना जाता है। किन्तु जब a pair of नहीं रहे तो उसे plural माना जाता है। जैसे–
His shoes were dirty. His trousers were torn. Those scissors belong to me.

Incorrect :
He has plenty of opportunity. Correct :
There are plenty of rice. Correct :
Most of the boy is ill. Correct :
Most of the sugar are rotten. Correct :
Note : अगर a lot of, plenty of, a great deal of, most of तथा some of के बाद uncountable noun आए तो इन्हें singular माना जाता है और अगर plural countable noun आए तो इन्हें plural माना जाता है।

Incorrect :
People does not like to be kept waiting. Correct :
The cattle was grazing in the field. Correct :
He bought five sheeps. Correct :
Note :
People, cattle तथा sheep सदा plural होते हैं।

Incorrect :
Measles are a serious disease. Correct :
Physics are a difficult subject. Correct :
Mathematics are easy to understand. Correct :
Politics have no attraction for me. Correct :
Note : बीमारी का नाम जैसे measles, mumphs तथा diabetes को singular माना जाता है; mathematics, physics, economics, ethics, dynamics, classic, phnetics इत्यादि से जब किसी विषय के नाम का बोध हो तब उन्हें singular माना जाता है। लेकिन जब इनका प्रयोग plural अर्थ में इनके  qualities का बोध कराने के लिए होता है तब इनके पहले प्राय: His, The, such लगा रहता है।

कुछ उदाहरण देखें–
A person’s politics are his own affair.
The economics of the situation have yet to be improved.

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