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KBC 6– Episode 42 Questions

1. Which of the following proverb means “kisi ko bharkana?
(A) Aag lagana (B) Ullu banana
(C) Ding maarna (D) Pheeth pherna
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2. In the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan, what is the title of the documentary made by Akira on Major Samar Anand ?
(A) The Man Who Cannot Die (B) The Secret Dairy
(C) The Black Death (D) Living With the Superstar
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3. Who started the campaign “Peoples Movement Against Corruption” against Corruption in 1991?
(A) Baba Ramdev (B) Anna Hazare
(C) Arvind Kejriwal (D) Swami Agnivesh
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4. In which mountain range does the river Narmada rise?
(A) Maikala Range (B) Vindhya Range
(C) Mahadeo Range (D) Rajpipla Hills
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5. Which of these names means ‘one who is really pleased’?
(A) Anuvarta (B) Ashwini
(C) Ashutosh (D) Amartya
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6. With which journal did ‘Bal Thackeray’ start his career as a cartoonist?
(A) Panchjanya (B) The Free Press Journal
(C) Amar Sandesh (D) Indian Express
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7. Which of these cities has a cricket stadium named after a hockey legend that hosts ODI matches?
(A) Ahmedabad (B) Mohali
(C) Kanpur (D) Gwalior
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8. Which of these led to the sinking of the ship Titanic?
(A) Tidal Wave (B) Collision with another ship
(C) Cyclone (D) Collision with an iceberg
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9. Which of these sportsperson won an Olympic medal in ‘Pehalwani’?
(A) Yogeshwar Dutt (B) Vijay Kumar
(C) Gagan Narang (D) Vijendra Singh
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10. Who is the author of the Man booker Prize winning book ‘Life of Pi’?
(A) Julian Barnes (B) J M Coetzen
(C) Yann Martai (D) V S Naipaul
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11. Rudrayag, Uttarakashi & Champawat are all places in which state of India?
(A) Jammu Kashmir (B) Uttarakhand
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Himachal Pradesh
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12. Which of these woman actress to become Chairperson of the Central Board of film Certificate (Censor Board) ?
(A) Sharmila Tagore (B) Nafisa Ali
(C) Aparna Sen (D) Asha Parekh
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13. A butterfly tastes food using which of these body parts?
(A) Wings (B) Feet
(C) Antenna (D) Eyes
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