Online General Computer Quiz

Online General Computer Quiz
1. Blinking symbol on the computer screen is called–
(A) mouse (B) logo
(C) cursor (D) hand
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2. Examples of output device–
(A) screen (B) printer
(C) speaker (D) all of these
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3. IBM stands for–
(A) Internal Business Management (B) International Business Management
(C) International Business Machine (D) Internal Business Machine
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4. BIOS stands for–
(A) basic input output system (B) binary input output system
(C) basic input off system (D) all the above
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5. DOS stands for–
(A) Disk Operating System (B) Disk operating session
(C) Digital Operating System (D) Digital Open system
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6. ‘DOS’ floppy disk does not have–
(A) A Boot Record (B) A File Allocation Table
(C) A Root Directory (D) Virtual Memory
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7. ‘MICR’ technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to–
(A) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(B) Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
(C) Magnetic Information Cable Recognition
(D) Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition
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8. All the information collected during database development is stored in a–
(A) repository (B) data warehouse
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9. The …………………..Component is used by the data analyst to create the queries that access the database.
(A) data extraction (B) end-user query tool
(C) end-.user presentation tool (D) data store
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10. A(n) …………………..allows network users to share a single copy of software, which resides on the network server.
(A) single-user license agreement (B) network site license
(C) end-user license agreement (D) business software license
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11. What displays the contents of the active cell in Excel ?
(A) Name box (B) Row Headings
(C) Formula bar (D) Task pane
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12. The piece of hardware that converts your computer’s digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a–
(A) red wire (B) blue cord
(C) tower (D) modem
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13. Video processors consist of …………………..and …………………..which store and process images.
(A) CPU and VGA (B) CPU and memory
(C) VGA and memory (D) VGI and DVI
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14. If you want to connect to your own computer through the Internet from another location, you can use–
(A) e-mail (B) FTP
(C) instant message (D) Telnet
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15. To reload a Web page, press the ………………….. button.
(A) Redo (B) Reload
(C) Restore (D) Refresh
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16. You can use the tab key to–
(A) move cursor across the screen (B) indent a paragraph
(C) move the cursor down the screen (D) Only (A) and (B)
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17. A collection of related files is called a–
(A) character (B) field
(C) database (D) adjusting
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18. Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as–
(A) volatile storage (B) non-volatile storage
(C) sequential storage (D) direct storage
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19. Which of the following is an example of connectivity?
(A) Internet (B) floppy disk
(C) power card (D) data
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20. ………………….. is the process of finding errors in software code.
(A) Compiling (B) Testing
(C) Running (D) Debugging
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