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KBC 6– Episode 14 Questions

1. Which of the following dish is made from Curd (Dahi) ?
(A) Kofta (B) Raita
(C) Kheee (D) Kulfi
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2. What is the traditional occupation of the Kalbelia tribe, known for its Kalbelia dance?
(A) Shepherds (B) Snake Charmers
(C) Magicians (D) Tailors
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3. Who was the NDA backed candidate against Hamid Ansari in the 2012 Indian Vice-Presidential elections?
(A) Yashwant Sinha (B) S. Y. Quereshi
(C) Jaswant Singh (D) Arun Jaitley
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4. Which of these creatures can look up with one eye while looking down with the other eye at the same time?
(A) Bat (B) Shark
(C) Chameleon (D) Owl
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5. The ‘Jal Satyagraha’ protest launched in August 2012 is associated with which of these dams?
(A) Omkareshwar (B) Sardar Sarovar
(C) Tehru (D) Gandhi Sagar
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6. Which of these festivals is not celebrated on a full moon?
(A) Holika Dahan (B) Raksha Bandhan
(C) Janmashtami (D) BuDh Jayanti
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7. Under whose captaincy has India won the most number of test Matches until now?
(A) M S Dhoni (B) Sourav Ganguly
(C) Md Azharuddin (D) Kapil Dec
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8. According to the Mahabharata, which Pandava got his name from the fact that there was no one more handsome than him in the family?
(A) Arjuna (B) Bheema
(C) Sahdeva (D) Nakula
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9. Which of these is the score of a player with no points in a game of tennis?
(A) Kiss (B) Hug
(C) Romance (D) Love
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10. Which of the following is a form of a dance as well as a tangy sauce?
(A) Samba (B) Salsa
(C) Hip-Hop (D) Disco
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11. Which of these hill stations literally means “Three Rivers” in Tamil and Malayalam?
(A) Munnar (B) Madikeri
(C) Kodaikanal (D) Peerumedu
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12. Which of these is a kind of sari named after a place in Maharashtra?
(A) Jamdani (B) Paithani
(C) Navsari (D) Chanderi
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13. Which company developed the dreamliner aircraft which has been inducted into Air India in 2012?
(A) Airbus (B) Dassault
(C) Bombardier (D) Boeing
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14. Which of these personalities is credited with the creation of the advertising icon ‘Amul Girl’?
(A) Alyque Padamsee (B) Sylvester Da Cunha
(C) Bharat Dabholkar (D) Bobby Kooka
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