KBC Questions Quiz : Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

KBC 6– Episode 13 Questions

1. What does “Jugnoo” produce?
(A) Sahad (Honey) (B) Kapas (Cotton)
(C) Prakash (Light) (D) Mome (Wax)
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2. Where was the great Arab traveller Ibn Battutah born?
(A) Saudi Arabia (B) Syria
(C) Egypt (D) Morocco
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3. Staring from the most, arrange the following geometrical figures in descending order of the number of corners they have.
(A) Triangle (B) Square
(C) Hexagon (D) Pentagon
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4. What is Balushahi a type of?
(A) Sweet (B) paper Art
(C) Dance Form (D) Turban
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5. A coin of what value is called as “Athhanni”?
(A) 1 Rupee (B) 25 Paise
(C) 50 Paise (D) 2 Rupees
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6. Which poem opens with the lines “Simhasan hil uthe, rajvanshon ne Bhrikuthi thani thi, Boodhhe Bharat mein bhi aayi, phir se nayi jawani thi”??
(A) Veeron ka Kaisa ho Basant (B) Jhansi Ki Rani
(C) Rakhi Ki Chunauti (D) Vidaa
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7. Identify the voice of the politician. (Mayawati saying some crap)
(A) Sushma Swaraj (B) Uma Bharti
(C) Mamta Banerjee (D) Mayawati
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8. Which glacier is the primary source of the river Ganga?
(A) Pindari (B) Godwin-Austen
(C) Siachen (D) Gangotri
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9. Which song written by Gulzar won an Oscar award?
(A) O Saaya (B) Jao Ho
(C) Dhan Te nan (D) Beedi
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10. Who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in June 2012?
(A) Makhdoom Shahabuddin (B) Maulana Fazlur Rehman
(C) Raja Perviz Ashraf (D) Sardar Mehtab Abbasi
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11. Who among these is considered as the author of the Natya Shastra?
(A) Bhaas (B) Bharata Muni
(C) Bharwi (D) Bhartrihari
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12. Which of these capital cities is located on the banks of a river with the same name as the city?
(A) Kathmandu (B) Kabul
(C) Beijing (D) Colombo
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13. Which Viceroy of India was the great-grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria?
(A) Lord Wavell (B) Lord Linlithgow
(C) Lord Willington (D) Lord Mountbatten
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14. Who was the first person to be awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously?
(A) Rajiv Gandhi (B) Vinoba Bhave
(C) Lal Bahadur Shastri (D) Indira gandhi
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15. At the 20102 Delhi commonwealth games, Indian Women won all the three medals – gold, silver and bronze – in which of these events?
(A) 10 m Air Rifle Shooting (B) Discus
(C) Shot Put (D) tennis Singles
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16. Starting from the heaviest, arrange these units of weight in descending order–
(A) Paav (B) Tola
(C) Man (D) Ser
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17. Complete this Hindi proverb “Aasman Se gira ____”?
(A) peepal pe Phansa (B) Khajoor per Atka
(C) Kaataon Me Atka (D) Kichad mein Phansa
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18. What is the taste of Churma in the traditional Rajasthani dish of ‘Dal Bhati Churma’?
(A) Salty (B) Sour
(C) Bitter (D) Sweet
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