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KBC 6– Episode 53 Questions

1. Which god is also known as “Dasrath Nandan’?
(A) Ram (B) Agni
(C) Ganesh (D) Karthikeyan
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2. which of these devices convert alternating current or AC into direct current or DC?
(A) Inverter (B) Transformer
(C) Rectifier (D) Transmitter
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3. Who won the formula one Indian Grand Prix for the second time on 2012?
(A) Kimi Raikkonen (B) Lewis Hamilton
(C) Jensen Button (D) Sebastian Vettel
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4. Most of the world’s population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros inhabits which national park in India?
(A) Manas National Park (B) Kaziranga National Park
(C) Kanha National Park (D) Gorumara National Park
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5. Which of these terms in not named after a Nobel Laureate?
(A) Raman Effect (B) Chandrasekhar Limit
(C) Ramanujan number (D) Sen Index
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6. which of these proverbs means “to get very frightened”?
(A) Dimaag Phirna (B) Jee Jalna
(C) Roo Kampna (D) Aankhen Churana
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7. Which of these geometrical shapes has the least number of sides?
(A) Cube (B) Pentagon
(C) Square (D) Triangle
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8. Which of these folk songs derives its name from the name of Hindi month?
(A) Kajari (B) Chaiti
(C) Sohar (D) Hori
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9. In the Mahabharata, what art did Eklavya teach himself by practising in front of a status of Dronacharya, who he considered his Guru?
(A) Mace Fighting (B) Spear Throw
(C) Sword Fighting (D) Archery
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11. Sachin Tendulkar plays his last one day international match against which country?
(A) Australia (B) Sri Lanka
(C) Pakistan (D) England
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12. Who among these is maternal grandson or granddaughter of Dr. Zakir Hussain, the third president of India?
(A) Salman Khurshid (B) Khurshid Alam Khan
(C) Ghulam Nabi Azad (D) Najma Heptulla
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13. Which of these is a part of the name of a tiger reserve situated in Bihar?
(A) Janaki (B) Mahavira
(C) Valmiki (D) Ashoka
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14. In the context of space exploration, what does the P in PSLV stand for?
(A) Planet (B) Polar
(C) Power (D) Point
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15. Which of these constituencies has been represented in the Lok Sabha by a father and daughter both?
(A) Amethi (B) Sasaram
(C) New Delhi (D) Gwalior
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