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KBC 6– Episode 10 Questions

1. A part of land is called island when it is surrounded by what?
(A) Desert (B) Ocean
(C) Mountain (D) Forest
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2. Which team does the Kolkatta Knight Riders off-spinner Sunil Narine represent in international Cricket ?
(A) Bangladesh (B) Sri Lanka
(C) India (D) West Indies
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3. What name did Anuradha Bali adopt when she converted to Islam to marry Chander Mohan in 2008 ?
(A) Fiza (B) Afreen
(C) Salma (D) Tabussum
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4. Which of these cities in Uttar Pradesh has also been known as “Koil” since ancient times ?
(A) Mathura (B) Aligarh
(C) Agra (D) Allahabad.
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5. Which diplomat was the chief British negotiator at the Simla Conference of 1913-14 to settle frontier and other matters relating to Tibet ?
(A) Sir Henry McMohan (B) Sir Cyril Radcliffe
(C) Sir Mortimer Durand (D) Sir John Simon
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6. Who is the author of the books “Bandar Sabha” and Bakri Vilap ?
(A) Rahul Sankrityayan (B) Nalin Vilochan Sharma
(C) Acharya Shivpujan Sahy (D) Bhartendu Harishchndra
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7. Who was the last Governor-General of Pakistan ?
(A) Lord Mountbatten (B) Mohd Ali Jinnah
(C) Iskandar Mirza (D) Khawaja Nazimuddin
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8. Who won the 3000 m Steeplechase Gold Medal at the 1958 Tokyo Asian Games ?
(A) Susumu Takahashi (B) Mubarak shah
(C) Masayki Nunogami (D) Paan Singh Tomar
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9. Arrange the following festivals in the order in which they were held or will be held in the year 2012.
(A) Janmashtami (B) Rakshabandhan
(C) Dussehra (D) Diwali
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10. Which of these is a kind of dance as well as an ornament worn on the head ?
(A) Ghoomar (B) Giddha
(C) Jhoomar (D) Bhangra
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11. What is the meaning of the Persian word ‘Ab’ used in the word ‘Punjab’ ?
(A) Tree (B) Water
(C) Mountain (D) Grain
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