Indian History Quiz Online

Indian History Quiz Online
1. The Industrial Revolution brought about–
(A) Capitalism (B) Modem age
(C) Intellectual revolution (D) Fascism
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2. England joined the First World War because–
(A) England wanted to establish a colonial empire
(B) Germany violated the neutrality of Belgium
(C) President Wilson of U.S.A. issued the famous 'Fourteen Points'
(D) The Archduke Francis Ferdinand was murdered at Sarajevo
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3. The immediate cause of America's entry into the Second World War was–
(A) Occupation of France by Germany (B) Attack on Russia by Hitler
(C) Pearl Harbour incident (D) Defeat of British forces in North Africa
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4. The slogan of 'Go back to the Vedas' was raised by–
(A) Ram Mohan Roy (B) Dayanand Saraswati
(C) Ram Krishna Paramhans (D) Vivekanand
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5. The Theosophical Society wanted to–
(A) Revive Charvak philosophy (B) Revive Budhistic philosophy
(C) Establish uniformity in all religions (D) Cater to the resurrection of the Hindu religion
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6. "The great National problems of a country can't be solved by speeches but blood and Iron, is required for their solutions." These words were of–
(A) Fredrick William IV (B) Bismark
(C) William first (D) Fredrick
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7. Frankfurt treaty was made in 1871 between–
(A) Austria and Prussia (B) Denmark and Prussia
(C) France and Prussia (D) Austria and Prussia
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8. The immediate cause of World War I was–
(A) Offensive Nationality
(B) Murder of Ferdinand the successor of Austria
(C) Problem of Balkan Penasula
(D) Revengeful attitude of France
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9. The supporting Nations of Germany in the World War I were called–
(A) Adversaries (B) Triple Alliance
(C) Entente cordiale (D) Dual Alliance
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10. The first European people who came in India were–
(A) The English (B) The Portguese
(C) The French (D) The Dutch
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11. The man of who was called as Duece–
(A) Musolini (B) Stalin
(C) Napoleon (D) Hitler
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12. The First Muslim King of India who brought, reform in administration was–
(A) Akbar (B) Shahjahan
(C) Sher Shah Suri (D) Babur
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13. Bourbon dynasty ruled in–
(A) England (B) Italy
(C) Spain (D) France
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14. During the 2nd World War the British Heroic Prime Minister was–
(A) Chamberlain (B) Winston Churchill
(C) Atlee (D) Willium Pitt
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15. The Spanish Armada was defeated by the: British Navy in–
(A) 1453 A.D. (B) 1815 A.D.
(C) 1588 A.D. (D) 1805 A.D.
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16. The famous 'Ashtadhyayi' is authored by–
(A) Panini (B) Gautam
(C) Vasishta (D) Baudhyana
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17. The third Buddhist Council held at Patliputra was presided over by–
(A) Vasumitra (B) Asvaghosha
(C) Anand (D) Moggaliputta Tissa
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18. Alexander, the Great, invaded India in–
(A) 334 B.C. (B) 326 B.C.
(C) 326 B.C.(D) 330 B.C.
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19. Amoghvarsha was the ruler of–
(A) Rastrakuta dynasty (B) Pallava dynasty
(C) Chandella dynasty (D) Paramara dynasty
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20. In whose reign Hiuen Tsang visited India?
(A) Chandra Gupta Maurya (B) Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya
(C) Rajya Vardhan (D) Hersha Vardhan
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