General Knowledge Quiz No. 7 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 7
1. Who is the originator of Green Revolution in India?
(A) M.S. Swaminathan (B) Garry Backey
(C) Norman E. Borlaug (D) Rakesh Mohan
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2. Which one of the following books is not written by Munshi Prem Chand?
(A) Ranghboomi (B) Prem Pachisi
(C) Vishkanya (D) Kayakalp
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3. Why is a small space left at the joint between the two rails?
(A) Because such spacing will save some cost
(B) Because metal expands on heating and contracts on cooling
(C) To produce the necessary gravitational force
(D) None of these
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4. India is not a member of–
(A) G-20 (B) D-8
(C) G-15 (D) United Nations
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5. Which Tala has sixteen Maathras?
(A) Jhaptal (B) Roopak Tala
(C) Teen Tala (D) Aadi Tala
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6. Who propagated the word ‘monsoon’ ?
(A) Arab (B) Britishers
(C) Mughal (D) None of the above
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7. Who is the Chairman of “Film Censor Board”?
(A) Anupam Kher (B) Vaijanthimala
(C) Sharmila Tagore (D) None of these
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8. Who is known as the Father of the ‘Rocket Propulsion’ programme of India?
(A) Kasturi Rangan (B) C.R. Chidambaram
(C) George Fernandez (D) None of these
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9. Choose the best option for answer which of the following is always there in Newspaper–
(A) Advertisement (B) Paper
(C) Date (D) News
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10. Which commercial name is associated with the Printers ?
(A) Whirlpool (B) Hindustan Lever
(C) Crompton Greaves (D) Hewlett Packard
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11. Brass is an alloy of–
(A) Zinc and tin (B) Copper and tin
(C) Copper and zinc (D) Copper and aluminium
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12. Solder is mixture of–
(A) Lead and zinc (B) Lead and bismuth
(C) Lead the copper (D) Lead and tin
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13. The apparent weight of a man in a lift is less than real weight when the lift is going–
(A) Up with an acceleration (B) Down with an acceleration
(C) Up with uniform speed (D) Down with uniform speed
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14. Which of the following colours has the maximum wavelength?
(A) Red (B) Violet
(C) Yellow (D) Green
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15. Which of the following represents the height of a geostationary satellite?
(A) 1000 km (B) 10000 km
(C) 36000 km (D) 72000 km
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16. The greatest statue in the world is–
(A) Statue of Brishavdev (Khargaon) (B) Statue of Bahubali of Gomateshwar
(C) Motherland, Volgagrad (D) Statue of liberty, New York
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17. The temperature of the outer surface of the sun is–
(A) 6000C (B) 5000C
(C) 4000C (D) 3000C
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18. The meaning of ‘exhibition effect’ by one country on the other is that–
(A) the other increases its saving and investment rate
(B) the other adopts higher technology
(C) the other increases its standard of consumption
(D) tries to establish new industries
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19. Who amongst the following provides the largest personal network services ?
(A) E.R.N.E.T (B) Intel
(C) Internet (D) Teknet
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20. When did the third Empire of France come to an end ?
(A) 1815 AD (B) 1848 AD
(C) 1870 AD (D) 1876 AD
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