General Knowledge Quiz No. 6 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 6
1. Which of the following statements is wrong about the Home Rule Movement?
(A) It was led by Lokmanya Tilak and Annie Besant
(B) Tilak & Annie Besant set up their separate league
(C) The Home rule league movements were India’s response to World War-II
(D) Annie Besant founded her separate Home Rule League with George Andrule
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2. Who will discharge the function of the President, if for any reason both the offices of the President and the Vice President fall vacant?
(A) Attorney General (B) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(C) Chief Justice of India (D) Chief Election Commissioner
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3. The Constitution provides that no Vidhan Sabha can have less than 60 members. Which of the following State Assemblies is an exception to it?
(A) Tripura (B) Meghalaya
(C) Sikkim (D) Mizoram
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4. Find the incorrect statement–
(A) Cosmic describes anything occurring or located in outer space
(B) Lithoshere is the top crust of the Earth which includes the land surface and the ocean floors
(C) Silicon constitutes the second most important element in the composition of the Earth
(D) A tributary is a river which leaves the main river and flows separately
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5. Which chemical is used for purification of water?
(A) Potassium sulphate (B) Potassium permanganate
(C) Sulphuric Acid (D) Nitric acid
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6. Why does cyclist bend while taking a curved turn?
(A) Movement of the cycle and the man must be the same otherwise cycle will slip off
(B) He bends in order to make the centre of gravity remain within the base. This will save him from falling
(C) He bends in order to put pressure on the wheels to take the curved course
(D) He bends in order to negotiate the curve faster
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7. An electroscope is a device–
(A) For generating electrical charge (B) For producing spark
(C) For determining magnitude of a charge (D) That magnifies electrons so that they are visible
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8. The planet called the twin of the earth is–
(A) Venus (B) Jupiter
(C) Saturn (D) Pluto
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9. One who attends to the disease of the eye–
(A) Optician (B) Chiropodist
(C) Oculist (D) Philatelist
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10. That which cannot be conquered–
(A) Invincible (B) indivisible
(C) Immaterial (D) Brave
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11. The blanket of which of the following gases absorbs harmful ultra-violet radiation from the Sun?
(A) Ozone (B) Oxygen
(C) Carbon dioxide (D) Nitrogen
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12. The crest is which part of the thread of bolt?
(A) Bottom most (B) Top most
(C) Middle (D) None of these
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13. Which of the body entrusted with regulating the functioning of Stock Exchanges in India?
(A) R.B.I. (B) N.S.E.
(C) C.B.D.T. (D) S.E.B.I.
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14. Lines on a map, where pressures are equal, are called–
(A) Longitudes (B) Latitudes
(C) Isobars (D) Isotopes
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15. In the SARS disease, the letter ‘A’ stands for–
(A) And (B) Asthma
(C) Anti (D) Acute
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16. In comparison to the entire world, the proportion of India’s land is–
(A) 1/54th (B) 1/45th
(C) 1/34th (D) 1/42th
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17. Next to Hindi, the biggest linguistic unit in India is–
(A) Bengali (B) Urdu
(C) Telugu (D) Marathi
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18. The Constitution of India envisages three type of services–
(A) Navy, Air-force and Army
(B) Civil, Military and Paramilitary
(C) All India Services, Central Services and State Services
(D) None of the above
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19. Which of the following duties/functions have been assigned to the Attorney General of India?
(A) To control State accounts and expenditure
(B) To render legal advice to the Central Government
(C) To arbitrate in disputes between the Centre and the States
(D) Both (B) and (C)
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20. Human Poverty Index (H.P.I) measures the deprivation as a Composite Index of–
(A) longevity, nutrition and knowledge
(B) knowledge, basic needs and standard of living
(C) longevity, standard of living and sanitation
(D) longevity, knowledge and standard of living
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