General Knowledge Quiz No. 39 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 39
1. Which Province of India is as large as Poland in Europe?
(A) Bihar (B) Orissa
(C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Maharashtra
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2. Diamond is mined from the mines of–
(A) Panna (B) Golkunda
(C) Jaipur (D) None of these
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3. Which type of coffee is produced in India?
(A) Convo (B) Arabica
(C) Kaiga (D) Conso
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4. The brightest star in the sky is–
(A) Proxima Centorie (B) Bernard
(C) Nebula (D) Sirius
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5. India’s Position in the world in rice production is–
(A) First (B) Second
(C) Third (D) Fourth
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6. Who were the immediate successors of the Imperial Mauryas in Magadha?
(A) Kushanas (B) Pandyas
(C) Satvahanas (D) Sungas
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7. Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts?
(A) J. L. Nehru (B) M. N. Roy
(C) Vinoba Bhave (D) Jayaprakash Narayan
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8. The main external threal to the Sultanate of Delhi was posed by the–
(A) Mughals (B) Afghans
(C) Iranians (D) None of these
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9. Who founded the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Punjab?
(A) Vasumitra (B) Kallar
(C) Jayapala (D) Mahipala
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10. Gupta empire declined in the fifth century A.D. as a consequence of–
(A) Chalukya raids (B) Greek invasion
(C) Hun invasion (D) Pallava raids
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11. Non-conventional source of energy best suited for India is–
(A) Solar energy (B) Wind energy
(C) Tidal wave energy (D) Nuclear energy
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12. What is meant by myipia?
(A) Long-sightedness (B) Shortsightedness
(C) Colour-blindness (D) Night-blindness
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13. ................. is the example of inorganic component of environment.
(A) Plants (B) Animals
(C) Air (D) All of these
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14. Name the natural resources found in ocean–
(A) Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium salts (B) Precious metals
(C) Precious stones and pearls (D) All of these
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15. What makes the differences in the colour of star ?
(A) Speed (B) Distance
(C) Temperature (D) Its natural colour
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16. In which article of the Constitution of India would you find the provision of constitutional amendment ?
(A) Article 320 (B) Article 325
(C) Article 358 (D) Article 368
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17. India’s coastline is–
(A) 6,200 km long (B) 6,100 km long
(C) 5,985 km long (D) 6,175 km long
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18. Which is that only pillar in which Ashoka has called himself the ruler of Magadh ?
(A) Mini-pillar of Maski (B) Rumeindie Pillar
(C) Queen-pillar (D) Bhabra pillar
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19. Who amongst the following contributed maximum to the Bhagwad Sampradayaÿ?
(A) Parthian (B) Indo-Greek
(C) Kushan (D) Guptas
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20. When the speaker of Lok Sabha resigns, whom does he address his resignation letter ?
(A) Deputy Speaker (B) Prime Minister
(C) Governor (D) Chief Minister
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