General Knowledge Quiz No. 3 - Top General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz No. 3
1. The name of the candidate for the office of the President of India has to be proposed by–
(A) any 50 citizens (B) any 50 members of the Electoral College
(C) any five members of the Parliament (D) any five members of the Electoral College
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2. Right to freedom can be restricted–
(A) in the interest of security of the state
(B) in the interest of friendly relations with foreign states
(C) in the interest of public order
(D) on all the above grounds
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3. Which one of the natural regions is known as the “Bread-basket of the world”?
(A) The Steppe region (B) The Mediterranean region
(C) The Monsoon region (D) The Equatorial region
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4. During the period of the south-west monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because–
(A) it lies in the rain-shadow area
(B) the winds do not reach this area
(C) there are no mountains in this area
(D) the temperature is too high to let the winds cool down
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5. Which one is an anticyclone?
(A) Low pressure system with clockwise winds in the northern hemisphere
(B) High pressure system with clockwise winds in the northern hemisphere
(C) Low pressure system with clockwise winds in the southern hemisphere
(D) None of these
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6. Who said “India has to unite and conquer the whole world once again with its might”?
(A) Swami Vivekanand (B) Ramkrishna Paramhansa
(C) Swami Dayanand (D) Pt. J. L. Nehru
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7. English Education was introduced in India by–
(A) Curzon (B) Macaulay
(C) Dalhousie (D) Nehru
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8. At which place will you find maximum sunlight in December ?
(A) Kanyakumari (B) Leh
(C) Pune (D) Kolkata
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9. Which of the following lies on the Nile river ?
(A) Kinshasa (B) Khartoum
(C) Nairobi (D) Addis Ababa
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10. The smallest ocean in the world is–
(A) India (B) Pacific
(C) Arctic (D) Atlantic
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11. Which Indian athlete has won the Arjuna Award, the Dronacharya Award and the Padamshree ?
(A) Bahadur Singh (B) Poonam Taneja
(C) P.T. Usha (D) Sunita Rani
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12. ‘CRY’ is an abbreviation of–
(A) Child Rozgar Yojana (B) Central Rozgar Yojana
(C) Child Relief Yojana (D) Child Relief and You
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13. Who was the world’s first woman Prime Minister ?
(A) Margaret Thatcher, U.K. (B) S. Bhandaranaike, Sri Lanka
(C) Indira Gandhi, India (D) Golda Meir, Israel
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14. Whose approval is necessary before the five-year plan can start ?
(A) The Finance Minister (B) National Development Council
(D) The Prime Minister (D) Parliament
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15. How many major banks in India were nationalised in 1969 ?
(A) 14 (B) 13
(C) 16 (D) 15
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16. Which amongst the following blood group is a universal donar ?
(A) A (B) B
(C) AB (D) O
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17. Study of sound is called ?
(A) Aeronautics (B) Astronautics
(C) Acoustics (D) Aerodynamics
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18. Fire temple is the place of worship of–
(A) Hindu (B) Catholic
(C) Jews (D) Parsie
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19. During whose reign did Chanakya prosper ?
(A) Chandra Gupta Maurya (B) Harshavardhan
(C) Chandragupta Vikramaditya (D) Ashoka
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20. Where did Gautam Buddha preach his first sermon ?
(A) Bodh Gaya (B) Rajgriha
(C) Sarnath (D) Vaishali
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