General Knowledge Objective Type Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Objective Type Questions and Answers
1. The secretary General of United Nations is–
(A) Jayntna Dhanapala (B) Shashi Tharoor
(C) Ban-Ki-Moon (D) Matti Vanhann
Ans : (C)

2. Consider the following statements–
1. In algae, the reproductive organs are single-celled.
2. Fern plants lack true vascular system.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(A) Only 1 (B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 and 2 (D) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans : (A)

3. Which one of the following contains powerful oxidative enzymes and helps in removing toxic substances from cells?
(A) Plastids (B) Lysosomes
(C) Dictyosomes (D) Peroxisomes
Ans : (D)

4. Which among the following is the largest phylum in the Animal Kingdom in respect of number of species?
(A) Annelida (B) Platyhelminthes
(C) Chordata (D) Arthropoda
Ans : (D)

5. The percentage of water in human urine is about–
(A) 50% (B) 70%
(C) 90% (D) 95%
Ans : (D)

6. The hormone secreted by testis is–
(A) Oestrogen (B) Androgen
(C) Progesterone (D) FSH
Ans : (C)

7. Consider the following statements–
1. The equatorial forests are ever-green.
2. The Mediterranean region has deciduous forests of broadleaved trees.
3. Taiga forests are found in Kashmir.
Which of the statements given above are correct?
(A) 1 and 2 (B) 2 and 3
(C) 1 and 3 (D) 1, 2 and 3
Ans : (D)

8. Consider the following pairs–
1. Tropical rain forest : Mahogany
2. Temperate deciduous : Ebony forest
3. Coniferous forest : Pine
Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?
(A) 1 only (B) 2 and 3
(C) 1 and 3 (D) 1, 2 and 3
Ans : (C)

9. Major coalfields of India are located in the river valley of–
(A) Damodar (B) Godavari
(C) Mahanadi (D) Wardha
Ans : (A)

10. Which one of the following climatic regions does the shaded portion in the given map represent?
(A) Tropical dry (B) Humid subtropical
(C) Semi-arid (D) Arid
Ans : (A)

11. Which one of the following ocean currents is indicated by the arrow mark in the given map?
(A) Agulhas (B) Benguela
(C) Canaries (D) Humboldt
Ans : (A)

12. The famous poet Amir Khusrau, surnamed the ‘Parrot of India’ was the contemporary of all of the following except–
(A) Giyas-ud-din-Balban (B) Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq
(C) Ala-ud-din Khilji (D) Iltutmish
Ans : (D)

13. Who amongst the following Mughal rulers reimposed ‘Jaziya’?
(A) Akbar (B) Aurangzeb
(C) Jahangir (D) Humayun
Ans : (B)

14. Railways were introduced in India when the Governor-General of India was–
(A) Canning (B) Curzon
(C) Dalhousie (D) Rippon
Ans : (C)

15. Who initiated the Doctrine of Lapse?
(A) Canning (B) Dalhousie
(C) Wellesley (D) William Bentinck
Ans : (B)

16. Shivaji’s coronation took place at Raigarh in–
(A) 1670 A.D. (B) 1672 A.D.
(C) 1674 A.D. (D) 1676 A.D.
Ans : (C)

17. The place of starting of 1857 revolution was–
(A) Delhi (B) Kanpur
(C) Jhansi (D) Meerut
Ans : (D)

18. Which of the following is related to the freedom struggle of 1857?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Mangal Pandey
(C) Subhash Chandra Bose (D) Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel
Ans : (B)

19. The martyr of the first freedom struggle of 1857 Kunwar Singh was the zamindar of–
(A) Jagdishpur (B) Barrackpur
(C) Awadh (D) Bithur
Ans : (A)

20. Where Mangal Pandey was hanged?
(A) Meerut (B) Kanpur
(C) Delhi (D) Barrackpur
Ans : (A)

21. Revolt of 1857 A.D. began at–
(A) Delhi (B) Kanpur
(C) Jhansi (D) Meerut
Ans : (D)

22. The books ‘Snow’ and ‘My name is Red’ have been written by–
(A) Harold Pinter (B) J.M. Coetzee
(C) V. S. Naipaul (D) Orhan Pamuk
Ans : (D)

23. The Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, 2012 was given to–
(A) Sachin Tendulkar, Pankaj Advani
(B) K.M. Beenamol, Anjali Bhagwat
(C) Saina Nehwal, Gagan Narang
(D) Vijay Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt
Ans : (D)

24. Who is the author of the book ‘A call to Honour’?
(A) Robert Ludlum (B) Jaswant Singh
(C) Satish Mathur (D) Shobha De
Ans : (B)

25. Who is the 39th Chief Justice of India?
(A) Altamas Kabir (B) Y.K. Sabharwal
(C) C. Ram Jethmalani (D) A.K.G. Balakrishnan
Ans : (A)

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