General Computer Quiz with Answers

General Computer Quiz with Answers
1. Which of the following is a part of CPU–
(A) ALU (B) keyboard
(C) mouse (D) printer
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2. FTP stands for–
(A) file transfer protocol (B) file translate protocol
(C) file typing protocol (D) file transit protocol
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3. Data going into the computer called–
(A) output (B) algorithm
(C) input (D) calculation
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4. Microsoft is a–
(A) shareware (B) an application suit
(C) public domain software (D) market application
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5. Information travels between components on the mother board through–
(A) flash memory (B) CMOS
(C) cables (D) buses
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6. This is a standard way for a Web server to pass a Web user’s request to an application program and to receive data back to forward to the user–
(A) Interrupt request (B) Forward DNS lookup
(C) Data-Link layer (D) Common gateway interface
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7. Three SQL, DDL, CREATE commands are–
(A) Schema, Base and Table (B) Base, Table and Schema
(C) Key, Base and Table (D) Schema, Table and View
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8. A passive threat to computer security is–
(A) Malicious Intent (B) Sabotage
(C) Accident Errors (D) Espionage Agents
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9. Two program of worm are–
(A) grappling hook program (B) main program
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B’ (D) external memory
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10. …………………..allows wireless mobile devices to access the Internet and its services such as the Web and e-mail.
(A) TCP/IP (B) Ethernet
(C) WAP (D) Token ring
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11. Grouping and processing all of a firm’s transactions at one time is called–
(A) a database management system (B) batch processing
(C) a real-time system (D) an on-line system
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12. The …………………..enables you to simultaneously keep multiple Web pages open in one browser window.
(A) tab box (B) pop-up helper
(C) tab row (D) address bar
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13. Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards ?
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14. You can …………………..a search by providing more information the search engine can use to select a smaller, more useful set of results.
(A) refine (B) expand
(C) load (D) query
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15. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called ?
(A) RAM (B) Floppy
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16. What menu is selected to cut, copy and paste?
(A) File (B) Tools
(C) Special (D) Edit
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17. The most important or powerful computer in a typical network is–
(A) desktop (B) network client
(C) network server (D) network station
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18. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into–
(A) Web sites (B) information
(C) programs (D) objects
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19. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately ………………….. is used.
(A) file allocation table (B) directory
(C) sequential access (D) direct access
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20. To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a ………………….. which is connected to a monitor-and other devices.
(A) bay (B) docking station
(C) port (D) network
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