Free Online Computer Quiz

Free Online Computer Quiz
1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions of a computer?
(A) gathering data (B) processing data into information
(C) analyzing the data or information (D) storing the data or information
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2. …………………..tags, when placed on an animal, can be used to record and track in a database all of the animal’s movements.
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3. Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of manually. This technology is known as–
(A) robotics (B) computer forensics
(C) simulation (D) forecasting .
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4. Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is considered to be–
(A) proprietary (B) open
(C) experimental (D) in the public domain
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5. ………………… the study of molecules and structures whose size ranges from to 100 nanometers.
(A) Nanoscience (B) Microelectrodes
(C) Computer forensics (D) Artificial intelligence
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6. Which protocol is used by operating system to generate error message like– ‘Host unreachable’ over a TCP/IP network?
(A) HTTP/l.1 (B) ICMP
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7. What does SNMP stands for?
(A) Simple Network Mail Protocol (B) Single Network Mail Protocol
(C) Single Network Message Protocol (D) Simple Network Management Protocol
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8. On a school computer, Tina learned how to copy programs. A classmate asked her to copy a program for his home use. Her most ethical response would be which of the following?
(A) I’ll copy it, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.
(B) I don’t know how to copy disks.
(C) I can’t copy it because it will break copyright laws.
(D) I’ll copy it for you, but you can’t copy it for anyone else;
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9. Which of the following is not true?
(A) LOGO stands for Live On Google’s Orkut
(B) BIOS is a system software
(C) GRUB is a Linux bootloader
(D) Ruby is a web scripting language
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10. What is the function of Drop Cap?
(A) It does not allow capital letters to be used in the documents.
(B) It makes first letter of each word capital letter in the documents
(C) It lets you begirt a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter .
(D) It automatically starts all paragraphs and sentences with capital letters.
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11. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into–
(A) Web sites (B) Information
(C) Programs (D) Objects
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12. To what temporary area can you store text and other data, and later paste them
to another location?
(A) The clipboard (B) ROM
(C) CD-ROM (D) The hard disk
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13. Storage that retains its data after the power is tuned off is referred to as–
(A) volatile storage (B) non-volatile storage
(C) sequential storage (D) direct storage
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14. ………………… the science that attempts to produce machines that display the same type of intelligence that humans do.
(A) Nano science (B) Nanotechnology
(C) Simulation (D) Artificial intelligence (AI)
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15. Changing an existing document is called…………………..the document.
(A) Creating (B) Editing
(C) Modifying (D) Adjusting
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16. Select the odd one out–
(A) Interpreter (B) Operating system
(C) Compiler (D) Assembler
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17. For viewing video CDs, you would use–
(A) CD Player (B) Windows Media Player
(C) Windows Video Player (D) Windows Movie Player
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18. What’s the name for the program or service that lets you view e-mail messages ?
(A) Web browser (B) E-mail clients
(C) E-mail ID (D) Internet
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19. What does the SMTP in, an SMTP server stand for ?
(A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
(B) Serve Message Text Process
(C) Short Messaging Text Process
(D) Short Messaging Transfer Protocol
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20. What’s considered the ‘backbone’ of the World Wide Web ?
(A) Uniform resource locator (URL)
(B) Hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
(C) Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
(D) File transfer protocol (FTP)
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