Current GK Questions and Answers 2013

Current GK Questions and Answers 2013
1. To which country did the first Secretary- General of the UN belong?
(A) Austria (B) Egypt
(C) Burma (D) Norway
Ans : (D)

2. Mitochondria is connected with–
(A) Respiration (B) Protein synthesis
(C) Protoplasm (D) Excretion
Ans : (A)

3. An example of Prokaryotic cell is–
(A) Human cell (B) Bacterium
(C) Plasmid (D) Plant cell
Ans : (B)

4. Who discovered ribosomes in animal cells–
(A) Watson (B) Robert Hooke
(C) Tatum (D) Palade
Ans : (D)

5. Finger-like projections found in mitochondria are called–
(A) Matrix (B) Thylakoids
(C) Cristae (D) Grana
Ans : (C)

6. In human beings the number of chromosome is–
(A) 46 (B) 42
(C) 52 (D) 36
Ans : (A)

7. Which one of the following is a non- essential amino acid?
(A) Palmitic acid (B) Linoleic acid
(C) Linolenic acid (D) Arachidonic acid
Ans : (A)

8. Consider the following statements in respect of temperate cyclones–
1. They rise in the belt of trade winds.
2. They move from west to east.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(A) Only 1 (B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 and 2 (D) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans : (C)

9. Which one of the following statements does not prove the spherical shape of Earth?
(A) If the horizon of Earth is viewed from a greater altitude, its circumference increases
(B) The sunrise is not visible from all places on the Earth’s surface at the same time
(C)  The solar eclipses show the shadow of Earth as circular
(D) The altitude of stars seen from different places on Earth’s surface varies
Ans : (D)

10. In the map given above, what is the population density in the region represented by the shaded area?
(A) Below 100 persons per sq. km (B) 100 to 300 persons per sq. km
(C) 300 to 500 persons per sq. km (D) Above 500 persons per sq. km
Ans : (B)

11. In the map given, out of the four areas represented by number 1 to 4, which of them represent tobacco growing areas?
(A) 1, 2 and 3 (B) Only 2 and 4
(C) 1, 2 and 4 (D) 3 and 4
Ans : (B)

12. The book “Globalisation– India’s Adjustment Experience” was written by–
(A) Biplab Desgupta (B) Subrata Mukherjee
(C) Arti Desgupta (D) Amtya Sen
Ans : (A)

13. Who is the author of the book “Sandy Storm”?
(A) Maneka Gandhi (B) Benazir Bhutto
(C) Sharmila Tagore (D) Shashi Tharoor
Ans : (A)

14. Which of the following committee was formed to inquire into the disappearance of Netaji Subhash Chandra bose?
(A) Mukherjee Committee (B) Chatterjee Committee
(C) Bose Committee (D) Ansari Committee
Ans : (A)

15. Which of the following Indian company has been permitted to invest upto $1 billion in oil exploration by government of India?
Ans : (B)

16. Which of the following countries has decided to purchase an offshore-patrol vessel and Dhruv, the indiginously-developed Advanced-light Helicoptor from India?
(A) Mauritius (B) Iran
(C) Sri Lanka (D) Brazil
Ans : (A)

17. Who completed the Qutub Minar?
(A) Akbar (B) Iltutmish
(C) Jahangir (D) Kutubuddin
Ans : (B)

18. Who was the founder of Din-e-Elahi?
(A) Babar (B) Humanyun
(C) Akbar (D) Aurangzeb
Ans : (C)

19. During the colonial rule in India, the Permanent Settlement was introduced by–
(A) Lord Bentink (B) Lord Cornwallis
(C) Lord Curzon (D) Lord Wellesley
Ans : (B)

20. Khajuraho temples were built in which period?
(A) Maurya Period (B) Gupta Period
(C) Rajput Period (Chandela) (D) Mughal Period
Ans : (C)

21. Where is Kailash temple situated?
(A) Ellora (B) Ajanta
(C) Khajuraho (D) Mount Abu
Ans : (A)

22. The total number of judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is–
(A) 10 (B) 12
(C) 15 (D) 18
Ans : (C)

23. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was created under the aegis of the UN in–
(A) 1945 (B) 1946
(C) 1955 (D) 1957
Ans : (D)

24. Which of the following statements in regard to the working of the International Court of Justice is not correct?
(A) All questions before it are decided by a majority of the judges present
(B) The Court is permanently in session at The Hague, but may hold its meetings elsewhere, if necessary
(C) Its opinion, where sought by the UN must be accepted by a simple majority vote
(D) Case may be referred to the Court by member-nations involved in a dispute, in which case the Court’s decision is binding upon them
Ans : (C)

25. India became a member of the United Nations in–
(A) 1945 (B) 1947
(C) 1949 (D) 1950
Ans : (A)

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