Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions Quiz

Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions Quiz 
1. XI Chang Satellite Launch Centre is situated in–
(A) Japan (B) China
(C) Kenya (D) USA
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2. Find out the longest desert of the world–
(A) Mohave (B) Thar
(C) Kalahari (D) Sahara
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3. Area wise India’s rank in World is–
(A) 5th (B) 7th
(C) 6th (D) 8th
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4. Which is the currency of Iran?
(A) Peso (B) Rial
(C) Kuna (D) Dollar
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5. Date of Independence of Australia is–
(A) 1st Jan. 1901 (B) 5th Feb 1910
(C) 20th Jan. 1902 (D) 20th Feb 1920
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6. In which year C.V. Raman has got novel prize ?
(A) 1929 (B) 1920
(C) 1925 (D) None of these
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7. Which of these following was the first national news agency?
(A) The Hindustan Review (B) The Free Press of India
(C) The Indian Review (D) None of these
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8. To which year the UNO observed as the year of sports and also the year of family?
(A) 2001 (B) 1994
(C) 1995 (D) None of these
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9. Which is the largest lake of the world?
(A) Caspian Sagar (B) Lake Superior
(C) Vaical (D) None of these
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10. How many teeth in a mosquito’s mouth?
(A) 32 (B) 16
(C) 206 (D) 221
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11. Write the name of second largest ocean covering nearly percent of the earth’s area?
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Arctic Ocean
(C) Atlantic Ocean (D) Indian Ocean
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12. Who was the first space tourist in the world?
(A) Neil Armstrong (B) Rakesh Sharma
(C) Yuri Gagrin (D) Dennis Tito
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13. The first Indian feature film (theatrical film) was–
(A) Alam Ara (B) Raja Harischandra
(C) Pundalik (D) Kisan Kanya
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14. When did India take part in the Olympic games?
(A) 1920 (B) 1948
(C) 1950 (D) 1935
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15. How many states around Madhya Pradesh?
(A) 5 (B) 9
(C) 7 (D) 8
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16. Where is hawa mahal in India?
(A) Mumbai (B) Jaipur
(C) Udaypur (D) Jabalpur
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17. What is name of “laukaja”disease?
(A) titnus (B) pathology
(C) plantorium (D) arpritis
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18. Who was the first prime minister of India?
(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru (B) Indira Gandhi
(C) Mahatma Gandhi (D) Rajendra Prasad
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19. Imphal is capital of–
(A) Mizoram (B) Nagaland
(C) Manipur (D) Arunchal Pradesh
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20. Where is made rail engine in India?
(A) Perampur (B) Pune
(C) Chitrangan (D) Varanasi
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