Computer Test for Bank Clerk

Computer Test for Bank Clerk
1. ………………… a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.
(A) An instruction (B) Software
(C) Memory (D) A processor
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2. System software is; the set of programs that enables your computer hardware devices …………………..and software to work together.
(A) management (B) processing
(C) utility (D) application
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3. The PC (personal computer) and the Apple Macintosh are examples of two different–
(A) platforms (B) applications
(C) programs (D) Storage devices
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4. Apple Macintoshes (Macs) and PCs use different ………………… process data and different operating systems.
(A) languages (B) methods
(C) CPUs (D) storage devices
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5. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a–
(A) network (B) mainframe
(C) supercomputer (D) client
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6. Which of the following is most oriented to scientific programming?
(C) BASIC (D) PL/1
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7. In BASIC, description comments are put in the source program with the–
(A) PRINT statement (B) REMARK statement
(C) INPUT statement (D) DATA statement
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8. The shortcut key used for copying selected text into clipboard is–
(A) Ctrl + X (B) Ctrl + V
(C) Ctrl + C (D) Ctrl + D
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9. To open a new file in MS-word, the shortcut key is–
(A) Ctrl + X (B) Ctrl + N
(C) Ctrl + y (D) Ctrl + V
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10. Which of the following is not an option edit menu?
(A) cut (B) copy
(C) paste (D) page setup
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11. What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?
(A) Configuration (B) Download
(C) Storage (D) Installation
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12. Small application programs that run on a web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as–
(A) Flash (B) Spiders
(C) Cookies (D) Applets
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13. The first computers were programmed using–
(A) Assembly language (B) Machine language
(C) Source code (D) Object code
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14. Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer and operating are connected properly?
(A) Booting (B) Processing
(C) Saving (D) Editing
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15. In a relational database, this is a data structure that organizes the information about a single topic into rows and columns–
(A) Block (B) Record
(C) Tuple (D) Table
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16. Device drivers are–
(A) time power cords for external storage devices
(B) experts who know to maximise the performance of device
(C) small, special purpose programs
(D) the innermost part of the operating system
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17. Array is–
(A) linear data structure (B) non-linear data structure
(C) complex data structure (D) simple data– structure
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18. A stored link to a webpage, in order to have a quick and easy access to it later, it called–
(A) Bookmark (B) WP-link
(C) Favourite (D) Both ‘a’ and ‘c’
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19. Which input device cannot be used to work in MS Office ?
(A) Scanner (B) Mouse
(C) Keyboard (D) Joy stick
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20. ………………….. is an animated character that gives help in MS Office ?
(A) Office worker (B) Comic assistant
(C) Office assistant (D) An of the above
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