Computer Quiz for School Students

Computer Quiz for School Students
1. Which are the main types of software system, utility and–
(A) application (B) new
(C) computer (D) complex
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2. 1 megabyte (Mb) equal to–
(A) 220 bytes (B) 1 kilo KB
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B’ (D) 1024 kilobytes
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3. A byte represents a group of–
(A) 10 bits (B) 40 bits
(C) 8 bits (D) 22 bits
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4. Data representation in a computer uses the number system–
(A) decimal (B) number
(C) binary (D) integers
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5. When a key is present on the keyboard, which standard is used converting the keystrokes into the corresponding bits?
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6. BIOS stands for–
(A) Basic Input Output system (B) Binary Input output system
(C) Basic Input Off system (D) all the above
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7. Father of ‘C’ programming language–
(A) Dennis Ritchie (B) Prof Jhon Kemeny
(C) Thomas Kurtz (D) Bill Gates
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8. The 16 bit Microprocessor means that it has–
(A) 16 address lines (B) 16 Buses
(C) 16 Data lines (D) 16 routes
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9. Data going into the computer is called–
(A) Output (B) algorithm
(C) Input (D) Calculations
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10. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?
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11. A record that follows a group of related records and contains data relevant to those records is called as–
(A) Trailer record (B) Traffic record
(C) Transaction record (D) Transducer
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12. A type of semiconductor memory that usually has small capacity but very fast access is–
(C) Scratchpad (D) ROM
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13. ………………….. is the study of molecules and structures whose size ranges from 1 to 100 nanometers.
(A) Nanoscience (B) Microelectrodes
(C) Computer forensics (D) Artificial intelligence
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14. A single pole, single throw switch with one common line and one output line is–
(A) Switch circuit (B) SPDT switch
(C) SPST switch (D) Star bit
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15. A one-bit signal that indicates the start of data transmission by an asynchronous device is–
(A) Parity bit (B) Status bit
(C) Zero bit (D) Star bit
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16. Which of the following requires a device driver–
(A) register (B) cache
(C) main memory (D) disk
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17. 92 in octal number system is equivalent to–
(A) 128 (B) 130
(C) 132 (D) 134
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18. The most commonly used character codes for transmission is–
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B’ (D) COBOL +
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19. Icons are–
(A) typed commands (B) verbal commands
(C) picture command (D) imaginary commands
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20. The gray code for decimal 7 is–
(A) 0111 (B) 1011
(C) 0100 (D) 0101
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