Computer Quiz for Competitive Exams

Computer Quiz for Competitive Exams
1. Computers use the …………………..language to process data.
(A) processing (B) kilobyte
(C) binary (D) representational
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2. Computers process data into information by working exclusively with–
(A) multimedia (B) words
(C) characters (D) numbers
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3. In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made lip of a unique combination of–
(A) eight bytes (B) eight kilobytes
(C) eight characters (D) eight bits
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4. The term bit is short for–
(A) megabyte (B) binary language
(C) binary digit (D) binary number
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5. A string of eight Os and 1s is called a–
(A) megabyte (B)byte
(C) kilobyte (D) gigabyte
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6. CAD stands for–
(A) Computer aided design (B) Computer algorithm for design
(C) Computer application in design (D) All of the above
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7. Which of the following printer cannot print graphics?
(A) Ink-jet (B) Daisy Wheel
(C) Laser (D) Dot-matrix
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8. CPU can directly understand this language–
(A) C (B) C++
(C) Assembly (D) Java
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9. Which language is CPU dependent–
(A) C (B) assembly
(C) Java (D) all except java
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10. How many bits are there is ASCII codes?
(A) 8 (B) 10
(C) 12 (D) 16
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11. Virtual memory is–
(A) Memory on the, hard disk that the CPU uses as an extended RAM
(C) Only necessary if you do not have any RAM in your computer
(D) A back up device for floppy disks
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12. A ………………….. contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.
(A) Syntax (B) Programming structure
(C) Programming language (D) Logic chart
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13. When sending an e-mail, the ………………….. line describes the contents of the message.
(A) to (B) subject
(C) contents (D) CC
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14. The ………………….. tells the computer how to use its components.
(A) Utility (B) Network
(C) Operating system (D) Application program
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15. Which grouping do you work with when formatting text in word?
(A) Tables, paragraphs and indexes
(B) Paragraphs, indexes and sections
(C) Characters, sections and paragraphs
(D) Indexes, characters and tables
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16. Small application programs that run on a Web page and may ensure a form is
completed properly or provide animation are known as–
(A) flash (B) spiders
(C) cookies (D) applets
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17. Which of the following is Not a characteristic of a computer ?
(A) Intelligence (B) Speed
(C) Versatility (D) Automation
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18. The WWW standard allows programs on many different ‘computer platforms to show the information on a server. Such programs are called–
(A) ISP (B) Web Browsers
(C) Web Servers (D) Web Modular
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19. Outlook Express is a–
(A) E-mail client (B) Scheduler
(C) Address book (D) All of the above
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20. Which of the following is not a network?
(A) Local Area Network (B) Wide Area Network
(C) Optical Fibre (D) All are networks
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