Commerce Related Questions

Commerce Related Questions

1. Merchant Banker does not offer services in regard to–
(A) project appraisal (B) capital issue
(C) project preparation (D) subscription to Equity shares
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2. Combination of Printing and Dyeing in a textile company is called–
(A) circular combination (B) vertical combination
(C) allied combination (D) horizontal combination
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3. A voluntary association of traders, industrialists, bankers and professionals formed for the purpose of promotion of common business interests in a particular locality is called–
(A) Association of Industrialists (B) Chamber of Commerce
(C) Entrepreneurs’ Association (D) Bankers’ Union
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4. Dumping is an example of –
(A) monopolistic practice in international trade (B) monopoly in international trade
(C) oligopoly in international trade (D) perfect competition in international trade
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5. Who among the following does not have insurable interest in fire insurance ?
(A) A shop owner in the property of his customers
(B) A creditor in the property mortgaged with him
(C) A trustee in the property of the trust
(D) An insurance company in the property insured
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6. Which one of the following styles of leadership is the most effective for a Job Order Firm ?
(A) Participative leadership (B) Authoritarian leadership
(C) Transformational leadership (D) Free-rein leadership
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7. Every auditor appointed under Section 224(1) of the Companies Act, 1956 shall inform in writing as to whether he has accepted or refused to accept the appointment. Such an intimation shall be given by him to the–
(A) Company within 30 days of receipt from the company of the intimation of his appointment
(B) Company Law Board within 30 days of receipt from the company of the intimation of his appointment
(C) Company within 7 days of receipt from the company of the intimation of his appointment
(D) Registrar within 30 days of receipt from the company of the intimation of his appointment
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8. Audit Committee shall act in accordance with the terms of reference to be specified by–
(A) Statutory Auditors (B) SEBI
(C) Board of Directors (D) Central Government
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9. X is proposed to be appointed as the auditor of ABC Co. Ltd. At the ensuing AGM in place of the retiring auditor Y. This requires–
(A) a special resolution and approval of the Company Law Board
(B) a special notice
(C) an ordinary resolution and approval of the Company Law Board
(D) a special resolution and approval of Central Government
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10. In the case of an auditor appointed under Section 619 of the Companies Act, 1956 by the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India, the remuneration shall be fixed by the–
(A) Company in general meeting
(B) Comptroller and Auditor-General of India
(C) Comptroller and Auditor- General of India in consultation with the Central Government
(D) Company Law Board
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11. A company can pay dividend out of–
(A) Profits of the company for the year for which dividends are to be paid
(B) Undistributed profits of the previous financial years
(C) Money provided by the Central and State Governments for the payment of dividends in pursuance of their guarantees
(D) All of these.
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12. A limited company has to redeem redeemable preference shares of the value of Rs. 1,00,000 for the which the company has issued 3000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium of 10%. The amount to be transferred to capital redemption reserve account will be–
(A) Rs. 1,00,000 (B) Rs. 97,000
(C) Rs. 70,000 (D) Rs. 67,000
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13. In management principle, grid refers to–
(A) Diverse managerial styles (B) Co-ordination
(C) Communication (D) Motivation.
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14. Who among the following is a bear operator ?
(A) A stock broker who sells shares now and buys the same shares later
(B) An investor who expects the price of a security or that of the whole securities market to rise
(C) An investor who sells securities in anticipation of being able to repurchase them later at a lower price
(D) A broker who indulges in rigging of share prices.
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15. In a partnership business if there is no specific agreement among partners, profit is distributed in the–
(A) ratio of capital contributions (B) ratio of time spent in the business
(C) ratio to be decided by the Court (D) equal ratio
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16. Which of the following is known as ‘Smart Money’ ?
(A) Amount deposited into post office Saving Bank account
(B) Amount deposited into Saving Bank account
(C) Credit card
(D) Cash in hand
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17. The biggest Labour Union of India is–
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18. What is the maximum limit of F.D.I. in insurance sector of India ?
(A) 26% (B) 49%
(C) 51% (D) 74%
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19. Maximum limit of FDI in Stock Exchanges of India is–
(A) 49% (B) 26%
(C) 23% (D) 10%
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20. ‘India Investment Corporation’ is related with–
(A) Forex (B) Post office
(C) Marketing (D) Agriculture
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