Political Science Questions and Answers

Political Science Questions and Answers
1. The book “Utopia” is written by—
(A) Hegel (B) Thomas Moore
(C) Robert Owen (D) Charles Fourier
Ans: (B)

2. The two outstanding pioneers of Utopian Socialism were—
(A) Marx and Engels (B) Plato and Aristotle
(C) Robert Owen and Charles Fourier (D) Proudhon and Mao Tse-Tung
Ans: (C)

3. Guild Socialism originated at the time of—
(A) German Labour Movement
(B) Italian Labour Movement
(C) British Labour Movement
(D) American Labour Movement
Ans: (C)

4. Democratic Socialism is a modern version of—
(A) Revisionism (B) Guild Socialism
(C) Fabian Socialism (D) Syndicatlism
Ans: (C)

5. Contemporary liberal political theory belives in—
(A) Concept of revolution (B) Concept of Incremental Change
(C) Believes in Status Quo (D) Concept of dynamic change
Ans: (B)

6. The Philosophical foundation for incremental change is provided by—
(A) Laski (B) MacIver
(C) Karl Popper (D) Barker
Ans: (C)

7. Enlightenment period was characterized by—
(A) Religious Revolution (B) Intellectual Revolution
(C) Political Revolution (D) Social Revolution
Ans: (B)

8. The first exponent of Political Liberalism is—
(A) Locke (B) Hobbes
(C) Bentham (D) Mill
Ans: (A)

9. The book “Political Continuity and Change” is written by—
(A) Karl Popper (B) Selwyn Schapiro
(C) Bernstein (D) Peter H. Merkel
Ans: (D)

10. “Creative Freedom” is a concept of—
(A) Friedman (B) Nozick
(C) Berlin (D) Machpherson
Ans: (D)

11. The ‘Real World of Democracy’ written by Machpherson is a—
(A) 60s Phenomenon (B) 40s Phenomenon
(C) 80s Phenomenon (D) 90s Phenomenon
Ans: (A)

12. ‘‘Leninism is the updated version of Marxism as applied to the conditions of Russia’’ who said?
(A) Laski (B) Stalin
(C) Cole (D) Barker
Ans: (B)

13. By practice a member of opposition party is the chairman of—
(A) Rajya Sabha (B) Zonal Councils
(C) Inter-state Council (D) Public Accounts Committee
Ans: (D)

14. Who said ‘opinion’ rules everything ?
(A) Lippman (B) Burke
(C) Napoleon (D) Laski
Ans: (C)

15. Replacement of a discredited Capitalist system by a Socialist system constitutes the case of—
(A) Gandhian model of Political Development
(B) Marxian model of Political Development,
(C) Liberal model of Political Development
(D) None of these
Ans: (B)

16. A Political Party is a body of men united for promoting the national interest on some particular principles in which they are agreed ?
(A) Laski (B) Disraeli
(C) Burke (D) Bryce
Ans: (C)

17. “The ideal form of government is not government at all the existence of government in any shape is a sign of man’s imperfection.” Who said this ?
(A) Freeman (B) Spencer
(C) Mill (D) Hobhouse
Ans: (A)

18. The Moderate State is a—
(A) Small State (B) City State
(C) Nation State (D) Feudal State
Ans: (C)

19. Multiparty system is fatal to the government as a practical art is made by—
(A) Laski (B) T. H. Greeen
(C) Marx (D) Lenin
Ans: (A)

20. Who among the following is author of “Political Order in Changing Society” ?
(A) Lipset (B) Huntington
(C) Rudolph and Rudolph (D) Gunar Myrdal
Ans: (B)

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