Political Science MCQs

Political Science MCQs
1. “A Preface to Democratic Theory and Polyarchy” (1950) is written by—
(A) Easton (B) Almond
(C) Dahl (D) None of these
Ans: (C)

2. ‘Self Development’ is the essence of—
(A) Participatory Democracy (B) Classical Democracy
(C) Elitist Democracy (D) None of these
Ans: (A)

3. Which one of the following writers did not adopt historical approach for the study of politics ?
(A) Paul Janet (B) Aristotle
(C) T. H. Green (D) Garner
Ans: (C)

4. Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a Traditional aproach ?
(A) Legal approach (B) Behavioural approach
(C) Historical approach (D) Philosophical approach
Ans: (B)

5. The Greek viewed ‘politics’ on the basis of—
(A) Ethical terms (B) Legalistic terms
(C) Terms of power (D) Both ethical and legalistic terms
Ans: (A)

6. The term ‘Politics’ has been drawn from the Greek word polis which means—
(A) City state (B) Town state
(C) Mini state (D) State
Ans: (A)

7. Who defined Politics as “that part of social science which treats the foundations of the state and the principles of government ?
(A) Hillman (B) Garner
(C) Fairely (D) Paul Janet
Ans: (A)

8. When did the Post-Behaviouralist approach emerge?
(A) Mid-eighties (B) Mid Sixties
(C) Mid Seventies (D) Mid Fifties
Ans: (B)

9. Who among the following advocated Post-Behavioural approach for the first time ?
(A) Almond (B) David Easton
(C) Robert Dahl (D) Sartori
Ans: (B)

10. The book “Political System” is written by—
(A) Michels (B) Easton
(C) Sartori (D) None of these
Ans: (B)

11. The credit for developing model of input-output in political science goes to—
(A) Herman Finer (B) David Easton
(C) Oran Young (D) None of these
Ans: (B)

12. The institutional approach concentrates on the study of—
(A) Social Institutions (B) Economic Institutions
(C) Political Institutions (D) All of these
Ans: (C)

13. Which of the following did not adopt legal approach for the Study of Politics ?
(A) Herman Finer (B) Thomas Hobbes
(C) A. V. Dicey (D) Jean Bodin
Ans: (A)

14. The behvavioural approach which represents the scientific outlook, was evolved after first
World War by the—
(A) Swiss Political Scientists (B) German Political Scientists
(C) British Political Scientists (D) American Political Scientists
Ans: (D)

15. The Structural-Functional approach tries to study the political system—
(A) On the basis of their actual operation
(B) On the basis of their structure
(C) On the basis of their structure as well as their actual operation
(D) None of these
Ans: (C)

16. The Philosophical approach is also known as—
(A) Ethical and metaphysical approach (B) Speculative approach
(C) Both (A) and (b) (D) None of the above
Ans: (C)

17. Which one of the following writers has not emphasised the practical aspect of politics while
offering its definition ?
(A) Bryce (B) Hillman
(C) Garner (D) Paul Janet
Ans: (D)

18. One of the most important functions of the executive is—
(A) Political activism (B) Law making
(C) Implementation of policies and laws (D) Debating
Ans: (C)

19. Which of the following feature of modern contemporary approaches has been wrongly listed?
(A) Present approaches are more analytical and explanatory than descriptive
(B) The contemporary approaches are interdisciplinary in character
(C) Present approaches are more status quiost in nature
(D) None of these
Ans: (D)

20. Which one of the following characteristics of behavioural approach has been wrongly listed ?
(A) To acquire knowledge about the complex political data, vigorous measures and data  manipulation procedures should be adopted.
(B) To draw sociological implications
(C) To employ relevant and scientific research tools
(D) None of these
Ans: (D)

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