Madhya Pradesh Sub-Inspector Model Paper with Answers

Madhya Pradesh Sub-Inspector Police Exam., 2012
(Held on 16-9-2012)

General Knowledge : Solved Paper

76. Who was the first 'Guru' of the Sikhs?
(A) Guru Amardas (B) Guru Nanakdev
(C) Guru Arjundev (D) Guru Tegh Bahadur (Ans : B)

77. Gaya district of Bihar is associated with the name of Mahatma Buddha. In this district–
(A) Mahatma Buddha was born
(B) Mahatma Buddha gained enlightenment
(C) Mahatma Buddha delivered his first sermon
(D) Mahatma Buddha expired (Ans : B)

78. The ambitious road development project of India, known as the 'Golden Quadrangle Project', will join four important places. Which are these places?
(A) srinagar, Kannyakumari, Porbandar and silchar
(B) Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Guwahati
(C) Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai
(D) Jalandhar, Pune, Hyderabad and Dibrugarh (Ans : C)

79. The first Indian satellite was launched into space in 1975. What was it called ?
(A) Aryabhatta (B) Rohini (C) Insat-1A (D) IRS-1A (Ans : A)

80. Ashok Chakra is awarded for–
(A) Bravery in the face of enemy, during a war
(B) Bravery during anti-terrorist operations
(C) Life-saving
(D) All of the above (Ans : A)

81.The Defence Research and Development Organization of India has developed a missile which can be launched from a submarine. What is it named ?
(A) BrahMos (B) Astra (C) Prithvi-4 (D) K-15 (Ans : D)

82. The 'Param' series of super-computers was developed in India by which of the following institutions ?
(A) Indian Institute of Sciences
(B) Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
(C) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(D) Electronic Corporation of India (Ans : B)

83. Quite often, deltas are formed at river mouths. What is the reason for formation of delta ?
(A) The flow of the river slows down considerably by the time it meets the sea. Hence, the sand and pieces of rocks carried by the river fall off at its mouth and collect in the form of a delta
(B) The tide in the sea stops the river from flowing into the sea the sand and pieces of rocks carried along by the river current fall off and form a delta
(C) Salts are present in seawater. When the river meets the sea, the sand and rock particles suspended in the river water get precipitated and they settle down at the bottom to form a delta
(D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

84. Food is cooked more quickly in pressure cooker, because–
(A) The boiling point of water is lowered in it
(B) The boiling point of water is raised in it
(C) It absorbs heat quickly
(D) It retains heat for a longer time (Ans : B)

85. Optical fibers are hair-thin tubes of special glass and light can pass through them from end to end. Their special property is that light continues to travel through them even when they are bent. Which property of light underlies this phenomenon ?
(A) Total internal reflection (B) Refraction
(C) Diffraction (D) Polarization (Ans : A)

86. Why are Polaroids used in sunglasses ?
(A) For the sake of fashion (B) To reduce the glare
(C) To improve resolving power of the eyes (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

87. When an aeroplane is flying at a great height, the sky appears black to its passengers. Why ?
(A) The dust particles and droplets of water present in the atmosphere absorb the light and do not allow it to reach the eyes of the passengers
(B) The atmosphere is very rare at great heights and so the scattering of light is negligible
(C) The light is so polarized that no part of it is able to reach the eye of the passengers
(D) None of the above (Ans : B)

88. The image formed by an object on the retina of the human eye is–
(A) Real and inverted (B) Real and upright
(C) Virtual and inverted (D) Virtual and upright (Ans : A)

89. A heater running on 220 volt takes 5 minute to boil a quantity of water. If the heater is run on 110 volt instead of 220 volt, how much time will it take to boil the same quantity of water ?
(A) 10 minute (B) 15 minute
(C) 20 minute (D) 25 minute (Ans : C)

90. A GM counter is used for detecting–
(A) Underground oil (B) Coal
(C) Radioactivity (D) Methane gas (Ans : C)

91. In which organ of the body is the red blood corpuscle made ?
(A) Liver (B) Bone marrow (C) Kidneys (D) Heart (Ans : B)

92. The edible potato is the modified form of which part of the plant ?
(A) Roots (B) Stem (C) Flower (D) None of these (Ans : B)

93. What is the main constituent of 'Gobar Gas' (biogas) ?
(A) Hydrogen (B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Acetylene (D) Methane (Ans : D)

94. What is the 'non-stick' substance used in cookwares ?
(A) Polymonochlorotrifluoroethylene (B) Polymethyl methacrylate
(C) Polyacrylonitrile (D) Polytetrafluoroethylene (Ans : D)

95. The gas used for cooking (LPG) is chiefly a mixture of–
(A) Methane and carbon monoxide (B) Hydrogen and nitrogen
(C) Butane and propane (D) Propane and nitrogen (Ans : C)

96. One card is pulled out at random from a well-shuffled deck of playing cards (52 cards). This is seen to be a card of hearts. It is put back and the deck is shuffled again. Another card is now pulled out of the deck. What is the probability of the second card being a black king ?
(A) 1/104 (B) l/52
(C) 1/26 (D) None of these (Ans : C)

97. Why does a foul smell emanate from some ponds, tanks, etc. ?
(A) Pesticides and other organic chemicals reach the water body and kill off fishes, etc., living therein, causing the foul smell
(B) Fertilizers used in farming reach the water body and give rise to excessive growth of aqueous plants. When these plants die, excessive quantities of organic matter are collected, depleting dissolved oxygen and causing foul smell
(C) Household wastes contain small quantities of mercury, cadmium, copper, zinc, etc., which pollute the water bodies, causing the death of fishes and other aquatic organisms and leading to foul smell
(D) None of the above (Ans : B)

98. Government of India calendars show dates both in Christian era (AD) and Saka era. In which year did the Saka era start ?
(A) 150 BC (B) 130 BC
(C) 56 BC (D) AD 78 (Ans : D)

99. Who was the first woman ruler of India ?
(A) Nurjahan (B) Razia Sultan
(C) Chandbibi (D) Durgavati (Ans : B)

100. Who founded the Chalukya dynasty in South India ?
(A) Harihara (B) Pulakesin
(C) Parantaka (D) Bukka (Ans : B)