India's First Food Bank in New Delhi

With the objective of making India hunger-free by 2020, the Centre announced on June 8, 2012 the launch of the country’s first Food Bank in New Delhi as part of the India Food Banking Network (IFBN). The announcement was made by Dr. Sam Pirroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister, and Ms. Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Dr. Pirtoda described the Food Bank as an effort to bring the government, private sector and NGOs together to fight hunger and malnutrition in the country. Noting that food banks are operational in more than 30 nations globally, he highlighted that these banks were being set up to help create a converging space for the government, the corporates and civil society organizations to channel their key capabilities towards a common goal : development through hunger relief management.

The operating procedure of the food bank will be simple. On receiving information regarding a donor, or on being contacted by a donor who wants to offer food, the Food Bank would contact the logistics partner to pick up the donated products from the donor location and deliver them to a warehouse. The warehouse would serve a number of institutional feeding programmers. The food products would then be collected by organizations running feeding programmes from the Delhi Food Bank warehouse, to aid their beneficiaries.

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