Current Affairs Quiz 2014 with Answers

1. Among the following sentences about the suggestions made by Parliamentary panel, pick out the wrong one:
(A) It has recently suggested to the government to build capabilities to face any challenge.
(B) It has suggested allocating funds towards the modernization of Indian army.
(C) It also underscored the need to fast-track procurement of ammunition for the Army considering that the situation is critical.
(D) It has suggested to restart India’s IGMDP.
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2. Who among the following leaders was re-elected General Secretary of the CPI (M) for the third consecutive term at the party's 20th Congress, which took place at Kozhikode?
(A) Brinda Karat
(B) Prakash Karat
(C) Sitaram Yechury
(D) (A) (B) Bardhan
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3. The Union Cabinet, on April 26, 2012 decided to retain the voting rights in the private sector banks at 10 percent and felt it could be raised progressively to
(A) 26 percent
(B) 11 percent
(C) 33 percent
(D) 42 percent
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4. ISRO recently gave clearance for using which frequency band from satellite for internet on trains?
(A) C Band
(B) KU band
(C) S Band
(D) 3G Spectrum
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5. Who is appointed Governor of Rajasthan on 12th May 2012?
(A) Shivraj Singh
(B) Aruna Roy
(C) Margaret Alwa
(D) Prabha Singh
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6. Mother's day is celebrated on–
(A) 13 May
(B) 8 May
(C) 8 April
(D) 14 November
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7. The multi-disciplinary steering committee of the Union Sports Ministry approved National coaching camps and exposure trips for the Olympic-bound wrestlers, Name the place where the camp was set up?
(A) Chandigadh
(B) Bhiwani
(C) Patiala
(D) Sonepat
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8. A new naval base, INS Dweeprakshak, of the Indian Navy has been commissioned at–
(A) A&N Islands
(B) Lakshadweep
(C) Visakhapatnam
(D) Kochi
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9. The Supreme Court on 2nd May ordered the release of merchant navy ship Enrica Lexie which was seized at Kerala. The ship belongs to–
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Singapore
(D) Thailand
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10. A report title “Premature baby deaths in India” was released on May 2 by which one of the following body?
(C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(D) None of the above
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11. Veteran actor of Bengali cinema Soumitra Chatterjee was honoured with one of the following award–
(A) Dadasaheb Phalke Award
(B) Dadasaheb Phalke Ratna Award
(C) Lifetime Achievement Award
(D) Sahitya Academy Award
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12. According to the 66th round of National Sample Survey (NSS) carried out between July 2009 and June 2010, about…………….of India's rural population lives on less than Rs 35 a day–
(A) 60%
(B) 62%
(C) 66%
(D) 69%
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13. Which of the following Indian actress has been chosen as the brand ambassador for sanitation programme?
(A) Kareena Kapoor
(B) Vidya Balan
(C) Aishwarya Rai
(D) Hema Malini
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14. Recently which of the following body has directed to the Central government to eliminate Haj Subsidy?
(A) Law Commission of India
(B) Supreme court of India
(C) Ministry of Minority Affairs
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15. Yesteryear actress Sushma Seth has been recently awarded by–
(A) Dada Saheb Phalke Award
(B) Jgyanpith Award
(C) Kalpana Chawla Award
(D) Best Jury Award at National Film Festival
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