LIC ADO Recruitment Exam Solved Question Paper

L.I.C. Apprentice Development Officers Recruitment Exam., 2010English Language Solved Paper (Held on 13-6-2010)

Directions—(Q. 1 to 5) In each of the following sentences four words or phrases have been Bold printed. One bold printed part in each sentence is not acceptable in standard English. Pick up that part and mark its letter.

1. Being that (A) my car is getting its (B) annual check up. I will not (C) be able to pick you (D) up tomorrow morning. (Ans : A)

2. We can’t hardly (A) believe that the situation is so serious as to (B) justify (C) such precautions as you have taken. (D) (Ans : A)

3. No one except (A) he (B) knew which (C) questions were going (D) to be asked in this test. (Ans : B) 

4. Despite of (A) the pills which (B) are available, many people still (C) have trouble sleeping. (D) (Ans : A)

5. He is not the kind of (A) a person (B) who takes (C) such a treatment (D) lying down. (Ans : C)

Directions—(Q. 6 to 8) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words—

6. There is no culture in the world ………… absolutely pure.
(A) that which is (B) that which
(C) that is (D) that what is (Ans : C)

7. He took up the letter from the table and ………… it to his friend.
(A) was reading (B) has been reading
(C) had read (D) read (Ans : D)

8. He led me ………… the green laws to the palatial building.
(A) upon (B) across
(C) along (D) about (Ans : B)

Directions—(Q. 9 to 11) In the following questions choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given word—

(A) Sorrow (B) Design
(C) Desire (D) Hunger (Ans : B)

(A) Fear (B) Price
(C) Condition (D) Fix (Ans : D)

(A) Dull (B) Broad
(C) Rough (D) Modest (Ans : C)

Directions—(Q. 12 to 14) In the following questions, fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase—

12. His boss………… an explanation of his conduct with his colleagues.
(A) called up (B) called upon
(C) called for (D) called off (Ans : C)

13. He ………… his departure for a week as his mother was not well.
(A) put off (B) put up
(C) put out (D) put aside (Ans : A)

14. His friends ………… to him for guidance in financial matters.
(A) look on (B) look up
(C) look at (D) look down (Ans : B)

Directions—(Q. 15 to 17) In the following questions choose the alternative which is opposite in meaning to the given word—

15. MENIAL(A) Feminine (B) Physical
(C) Dignified (D) Artificial (Ans : C)

(A) Separate (B) Blame
(C) Pursue (D) Commit (Ans : B)

(A) Dishearten (B) Reprove
(C) Decide (D) Stumble (Ans : C)

18. Which of the following makes the correct use of verb ?
(A) It is who have done it
(B) It is they who is coming tomorrow
(C) He and I am leaving for Calcutta
(D) If he would have come, I would have helped him (Ans : A)

19. Which of the following makes the correct use of article ?
(A) I have studied at an University
(B) Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India
(C) I have bought a Umbrella
(D) This is best which I have seen (Ans : B)

20. Which of the following makes the correct use of article ?
(A) A little water in the glass has been drink by the child
(B) A book which was on the table has been stolen
(C) The little knowledge is the dangerous thing
(D) An apple a day keeps the doctor away (Ans : D)

21. Which of the following makes the correct use of Preposition ?
(A) This is in conformity with the rules laid down by the Corporation
(B) The book is at the table
(C) The train is arriving on the platform
(D) Don’t look down at me (Ans : A)

22. He said to me. “Please give me the book.” Which of the following is the correct indirect narration of the sentence ?
(A) He said to me to kindly give him the book
(B) He asked me to please give him the book
(C) He requested me to give the book
(D) He requested me to please give him the book (Ans : C)

23. No country is the world is as rich as America. Which of the following is the correct superlative form of this sentence ?
(A) America is richer than the richest country in the world
(B) America is richer than other countries in the world
(C) No country in the world is richer than America
(D) America is the richest country in the world (Ans : D)

24. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ means—
(A) there is a good side to every difficult situation
(B) there is no hope in a difficult situation
(C) clouds and lightning’s are seen together in the sky
(D) adversity is better than prosperity (Ans : A)

25. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ means—
(A) Reaping is better than sowing
(B) You get the bad result of your bad deed
(C) You get the good result of your good deed
(D) You got the result, good or bad, depending on the nature of your deed (Ans : D)

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