Indian Economic Quiz

1. Which statement of the following is false (according to literacy data of 2001 census) ?
(A) Literacy rate was calculated among people having age 6 years or above
(B) During 1999-2001, the number of literate population increased
(C) Indian literacy rate was estimated to be 65•38%
(D) Kerala was cent-per cent literate state
Ans : (D)

2. The headquarters of World Bank is situated at—
(A) Manila (B) Washington D.C.
(C) New York (D) Geneva
Ans : (B)

3. Which state has a lower literacy rate than country’s literacy rate according to 2001 census ?
(A) Maharashtra (B) Gujarat
(C) Orissa (D) West Bengal
Ans : (C)

4. SEBI has reduced the process duration time limit of ‘Right Issues’ from 109 days to—
(A) 89 days (B) 72 days
(C) 62 days (D) 43 days
Ans : (D)

5. VAT has been implemented in India in—
(A) All the States (B) All the States except U.P.
(C) Only in few States (D) Most of the States
Ans : (A)

6. Which pair is not correct ?
(A) EXIM Bank—Financing for export-import
(B) RBI—Banker’s bank
(C) IDBI—Industrial finance
(D) FCI—Financial assistance to commercial institutions
Ans : (D)

7. Nirmal Gram Puraskar is associated with—
(A) Rural Drinking Water (B) Enlarging Forests
(C) Elementary Education (D) Total Sanitation Campaign
Ans : (D)

8. As per the findings of 61st round of survey of NSSO, the share of female work force in informal sector in urban India between the period 1999-2000 to 2004-05 has declined by—
(A) 4 percentage points (B) 5 percentage points
(C) 6 percentage points (D) 7 percentage points
Ans : (B)

9. Which of the following controls the working of share market in India ?
Ans : (D)

10. Which of the following committee is associated with the working on ‘future trading’ effect on retail and wholesale prices of agriculture products ?
(A) Tendulkar Committee (B) Abhijit Sen Committee
(C) Rakesh Mohan Committee (D) Y. K. Alagh Committee
Ans : (B)

11. Indian Planning Commission was constituted in—
(A) 1948 (B) 1949
(C) 1950 (D) 1951
Ans : (C)

12. VDIS–1997 became operative between—
(A) 1.4.97 to 31.12.97 (B) 1.4.97 to 31.3.98
(C) 1.7.97 to 31.3.98 (D) 1.7.97 to 31.12.97
Ans : (D)

13. Union government has changed the base year for estimating country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—
(A) from 2000-01 to 2004-05 (B) from 1999-2000 to 2004-05
(C) from 1993-94 to 2004-05 (D) from 1999-2000 to 2003-04
Ans : (B)

14. World Bank has raised the standard of measuring population below poverty line from one dollar per day to—
(A) $ 1•25 per day (B) $ 1•5 per day
(C) $ 1•75 per day (D) $ 2•0 per day
Ans : (A)

15. The First ‘Garib Rath’ has been flagged off between—
(A) Delhi—Patna
(B) Delhi—Chennai
(C) Delhi—Mumbai
(D) Amritsar—Saharsa
Ans : (D)

16. ‘Big Digital TV DTH’ is the new broadcasting service of DTH launched by—
(A) Sahara Group (B) Mukesh Ambani Group
(C) Anil Ambani Group (D) Bharti Airtel Group
Ans : (C)

17. The process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year is known as—
(A) Performance Budgeting (B) Deficit Budgeting
(C) Zero Based Budgeting (D) Fresh Budgeting
Ans : (C)

18. Which of the following is not the member of EEC ?
(A) Poland (B) Germany
(C) Italy (D) U.K.
Ans : (A)

19. Which place India holds in milk production ?
(A) Fourth (B) Third
(C) Second (D) First
Ans : (D)

20. RBI had raised Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) w.e.f. April 27, 2010 which still stands at (as on September 16, 2010)—
(A) 4•75 per cent (B) 5•25 per cent
(C) 5•75 per cent (D) 6•0 per cent
Ans : (D)

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